The production of synthetic psychoactive compounds with easy to obtain chemicals.

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  1. Ok so this would be a class where you would learn how to make precursors and active substances out of natural products and common items found around the house. An example would be making DMT from plants and fire ants(it can be done(TIHKAL)). Another would be how to make hydrobromic acid. The goal of this class would be to teach those who do not have access to restricted or expensive chemicals to produce things like DMT, LSD, synthetic opiates, synthetic cannabinoids, MDMA, etc. Id be happy to teach the coarse.
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    Please, go right ahead. I'd like to request DMT as a starter.

    Don't think many people have the lab for LSD.
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    :sunny: DMT from MH Root Bark

    100g powdered MIMOSA HOSTILIS Root Bark
    60g NaOH
    300ml naptha
    Large non-aluminium saucepan
    Narrow glasses or bottles
    Large pipettes or separation funnel
    Measuring bowls
    Time, patience and rudimentary chemistry knowledge
    Water bath (recommended)

    1. Measure out 100g powdered MHRB.

    2. Boil 1 litre of distilled water and add it to the MHRB while stirring for five minutes.

    3. Leave to cool.

    4. Measure out 60g of NaOH.

    5. Boil 16 oz distillld Water.

    6. Slowly add NaOH to water until it has all dissolved to make a saturated solution. Make sure it doesn't get too hot.

    7. Gradually add the NaOH solution to the bark solution. You should see freebase DMT tumble out of solution.

    8. By the time you've added about half the NaOH solution, the mixture should have turned black-brown and you can no longer see the precipitate. Continue to add the rest of it.

    9. Heat the mixture while stirring in a water bath. Keep it at about 50-60°C

    10. Meanwhile, measure out about 100 ml of naptha

    11. Tip the naptha into the hot mixture and mix vigorously for at least 20 minutes.

    12. Keeping it warm, leave the layers to settle and separate for an hour.

    13. Tap off the top naptha layer into a narrow drinking glass and use a small pipette to suck off
    the yellowly-colourless naptha layer and put in a separate glass. Be sure not to suck up any of the horrible black NaOH mixture.

    14. Repeat this with a fresh 100ml of naptha at least three times.

    15. Pour the naptha into a shallow baking dish and leave in the freezer overnight on its coldest setting.

    16. The next day DMT crystals should have formed on the dish

    17. Take the dish out of the freezer and quickly pour off the liquid naptha (filter it if you like) for reuse.
    Be careful to ensure the crystals remain in the dish.

    18. Evaporate off the remaining liquid with a fan and collect and weigh your crystals.

    > You now have slightly impure DMT! :punk:

    > EXTRA STEP for Pure Crystal DMT > If you like, you follow this with a cold ammonia wash and recrystallisation by adding 20 ml hot naptha to
    every gram of product and removing the insoluble yellow/orange gunk.

    > This method takes only a few hours and produced pure white crystals with a yield exceeding 0.9%

    :ssmokeit:Smoke & Enjoy, but Remember DMT is a Powerful Psychedelic.
    Wisdom should govern the frequency of it's use!

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