The Process And A Turtle.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by scratcho, Jan 21, 2016.

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    So, Mr Obama may bypass the senate and use an executive order to force the disclosure of who gives money to candidates for their elections. Seems to me , if the "supreme court" passed citizens United and thought that it was legal and proper, they would go along with this. I mean--why not? ( he asks rhetorically.) The turtle= " goodness gracious, doesn't he have respect for the process?" This from the guy that stated his one purpose to be making Obama a one term president! The process? Shutting the government down-the process? Disallowing his judicial appointees ? The process? Opposing literally everything the president tried to accomplish? The process? Benghazi hearings costing millions just before the election. The process?

    These type people are truly soul-less. Sadly, they'll be re-elected.
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    I've been trying to figure out what has caused the American people to become such idiots. They vote against their best interests all the time now. Is it simply a math problem? Stupidity is breeding faster than intelligence?

    And as for Citizens United... We can't even pretend to be a democracy until that abomination is dealt with. The ONLY person who can deal with it at this point, IS the president with an executive order. Elected officials won't deal with the very thing that fills their campaign coffers.

    Bush had more executive orders during his tenure than any other president in history and nobody called him on any of it.
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    The reactionaries don't have to be honest in what they say. The ditto head boss and their ilk just have to throw ANYTHING out there and the dolts eat it up. Such is the state of our union today. He and others serve their brethren well. There is no mystery to me why education funding is being cut here , there and everywhere. And certainly no mystery as to who is doing it. I think that there is and has been a sort of slow motion coup by those whose position is threatened by ANY gains of a working middle class. Their idea boils down to --
    ---" You want some say in how you, a working person is treated in the work place----- Well. We'll see about that--we're moving to______ where we can continue as we wish."
    There is no loyalty to ANY country by those people. When unemployment reaches the figures that reflect those of the great depression----there is going to be big trouble.
    The rich won't give a shit--they'll be long gone, leaving the wreckage of their actions for the rest of us to fret over.
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  4. The democratic candidate debate, I had a bit of a LOL, doesnt get whiter than that.

    And Anderson Cooper was looking particularly white and shiny that night


    I was like geez, all the noms are white, at least get a friggin minority host, or at least get the white host to not to be so blindingly white
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    has anybody heard anything from scratcho lately? it's not like him to miss an entire winter of posting.
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    Good question. I miss seeing him. We were supposed to get coffee together at one point

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