The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Discussion in 'Books' started by JohnnyATL, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. JohnnyATL

    JohnnyATL Banned

    I came across this books forum and I had to ask has anyone read this book by Stephen Chbolsky (sp) its similar to the catcher in the rye i guess you could say. If you have tell me some feed back. Personally its my favorite but i want to know some others opinions.
  2. Lindiglo

    Lindiglo Member

    I love that book! Ever since I read it I've taken to writing letters to strangers. It's a gorgeous book.
  3. MaryJeanne

    MaryJeanne Member

    i think that is one of my most influential books i have read. it gave me a new point of view. after i read it, i was more interested in being different in high school. great book. i've given it out as gifts a few times and everyone raved on how great it was.

    peace and love
  4. dreamergirl

    dreamergirl Member

    i loved this book so much... i got it from the library first and then got it as a x-mas gift and have since read it another three times or so. it made me much more aware of things.
  5. that is such an incredible book, i read it a few years ago and my friend then got me my own copy for my 16th birthday! it was the greatest gift in the world, i can read it over and over again and still get pleasure from it. One of the very few truly unique and inspiring books around :0)
  6. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

    i've never read it but i definitely want to now, i've heard so many good things about it from close friends and even the title is interesting. i'll have to see if my library has it.
  7. its an awesome book, however sometimes his crying at everything bugs me.
  8. dylanzeppelin

    dylanzeppelin daydream believer

    it is an enjoyable book, i have recently begun to reread this book. each time i read it, i get something new out of it. i find it to be a book that everybody that is/was in high school should read and someway or another feel close to the main character that is known as 'charlie'.. it's definatly an awesome book, and i recommend everybody to read it
  9. That is one of those books that got such great reviews from basically everyone (press, word-of-mouth, critical) and was deserving - even as a little pop-novel.

    A gorgeous book. The narrative is so unique and perfect I pick it up at random pages sometimes to enjoy it. It touched me at a very hard time...the way it deals with teen suicide, what it's like to be a gay teenager, and other teen issues fit in very well with things I was experiencing myself. The story is beautiful and sentimental as anything. AND there are fun parts - references to songs, books, etc.

    Highly recommended.
  10. moonbeam

    moonbeam Member

    OOOOOOOOOOO goody goody now i wanna throw down the books i just got and go get that one! Or maybe SET them down.

    Anyway, whats a wallflower? just curious
  11. misc

    misc Member


    1a: any of several Old World herbaceous or somewhat woody perennial plants (genus Cheiranthus) of the mustard family; especially : a hardy erect herb (C. cheiri) widely cultivated for its showy fragrant flowers b: any of a related genus (Erysimum) of plants with showy flowers
    2: a person who from shyness or unpopularity remains on the sidelines of a social activity (as a dance)
  12. Micha

    Micha Now available in Verdana!

    Yes..Its an amazing book.
    It really makes you think.

    Hey, did y'all know that Stephen Chbosky has another novel out?
    I'm not 100% sure, but I think i saw a picture of it somewhere..
    I cant wait to get it.
  13. solargarlic

    solargarlic Member

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower is certainly on my top 5 list. It was given to me at the most appropriate time in my life, as I was graduating from grade school and moving into high school. Reading Perks gave me a great perspective on that first year of school, which is why it made it to my top 5. One thing that I will always love about this book is the following quote that describes the type of girl I dig the most:

    "More like the movie where the guy meets a smart girl who wears a lot of sweaters and drinks cocoa. They talk about books and issues and kiss in the rain. I think something like that would be very good for him, especially if the girl were unconventionally beautiful. They are the best kind of girls, I think" (p.51).

    I took that from the first and only copy of the book I've ever had. It has lasted me through high school, which includes countless lendings, rereadings, and locker crushing. Many of the pages are loose, but they are at least in order. I'm not sure if that quote will ever lose meaning for me...
  14. t-dub

    t-dub Pass me the pepper

    yup, i agree ! :D either way, i love it! i received it a few years back from my grandparents, i remember reading it non stop, then feeling sad after it was over... so i read it again:D

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