The Ozone Layer and Effects

Discussion in 'The Environment' started by TooMuchTheMagicBus, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. So I think it's really fucked up about this hole in the ozone layer thing, there's proof that it's causing global warming which is causing the arctic glaciers to melt which is causing the sea levels to rise and water temp. to be warmer which is affecting me in Florida because it's causing more hurricanes. The good news is in the past few years the hole has shrunken a small percentage, which gives us hope! It means we can fix (or almost fix) the damage if governments actually gave a shit. What about hybrid cars and solar power, water power, all kinds of things that dont pollute? they're worth more research cause they've been fucking around with this crap for years, when are they gonna get serious about changing this and controlling pollution? Not using oil would also solve alot of problems over in the middle east, it's just the right thing to do!
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    we have to end bush's tyranny first.
  3. da420

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    oh yes! his
  4. fountains of nay

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    Um, the Ozone layer problems have been proven since the 90s, but everybody refused to listen. I agree though, the sooner the USA get a president with morals rather than "not wanting to effect America's economy" the better.
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    Just to clear this up Ozone layer depletion and global warming are totally different. We have made improvements on ozone layter depletion by CFC reduction and other less famous chemicals. However global warming is getting worse, however its possible to have massive global warming and a perfectly healthy ozone layer, indeed that seems to be where were going. Im quite supprised that no one has brought up the melting of frozen marsh land in Northern siberia which could be a significant headache if it all melts.

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