The NEXT U.S.President is:

Discussion in 'Political Polls' started by Flight From Ashiya, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Flight From Ashiya

    Flight From Ashiya Senior Member

    As we now have only 4 candidates!.
  2. Flight From Ashiya

    Flight From Ashiya Senior Member

    *Latest News* Elton John supports Hillary Clinton.[​IMG]
  3. Jack-a-Roe72

    Jack-a-Roe72 Member

    you can vote for the Overtly pro war or the Covertly pro war

    it doesn't really matter at this point.
  4. evsride

    evsride are you irie?

    Ron Paul....haha
    I'll write him in....
  5. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    comrade mauser
  6. alice_d_millionaire

    alice_d_millionaire Just Do It©

    agreed. seems to me that whover the corporations can best use to manipulate the masses will triumph in this farce. and, to me, it looks like they will choose hillary clinton. she's "progressive"... and already has plenty of ties to big business.
  7. Astrolog

    Astrolog Member

    bomb, bomb, bomb he he he he - world has no future - I lost my hope, there will be a great war starting from 2012 - you can now clearly see the preparations.
  8. ChrisGriffin

    ChrisGriffin Member

    I'm so glad Obama is winning, let's hope he keeps it up. If we get McCain, this country as we know it will completely crumble.
  9. abukothan

    abukothan Member

  10. 420UFO

    420UFO Member

    I think Obama might just have a chance. Look at the polls... assuming McCain doesn't cheat and Bush doesn't declare a state of emergency. Republicans who voted for Bush aren't voting for McCain...
  11. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    If all the world had a vote, Obama would win by a landslide. He's not the messiah, but the rest of the world is sick of irresponsible neo-conservative belligerency. America might be able to survive four more years of Republican rule, but we can't....
  12. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

  13. FritzDaKat

    FritzDaKat Member

    The Next U.S. President is:

    Another in a long line of mouthpiece's to stand between Global Corporate Interest and the Rights of We the People as the former trods down upon the latter, as shown by the fact that the Majority, no matter how you slice it is still only coming away with 20% of the GDP thanks to the effective way in which they Dumb us down with the de-educational system of our land and Controll our numbers like Cattle with medicines Regulated and approved by our glorious FDA, many of which are showing themselves to be more effective as a Rat poison than a cure, all the while supressing countless Homeopathic methods of sucessfully treating our ailments. Giving us 2 parties to fight over as a tool to simply keep us divided when what all we really need is An American Party which fights to reinstate the tennants of freedom and equality granted to us in both the Declaration of Independance and The Original Constitution.

    But instead most will prefer to simply suckle their favored Opiate of the masses and swallow the lie whole as we continue to fight over minor issues in the face of the bigger issues at hand. Keep believing that 9/11 was either unprovoked or an inside job and fighting amongst one another.

    Bon appetit...
  14. OldTroll

    OldTroll Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    The next president will be Obama .... Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama in 2016!

    . . .Are you saying that we should scrap the Bill of Rights?

    Have fun and play safely!
  15. FritzDaKat

    FritzDaKat Member

    Damn straight friend, burn it right the fuck up.

    The only reason it was needed in the first place is due to the fact that those in power interpreting the original constitution were a bunch of racist, wife beating fucks.

    If we retool Government with an ethnicly diverse group of non-racist Men and Women as opposed to the Corrupt, power hungry, slave holding warmongers who had held power from inception of the nation untill the 60's there will be no need to further highlight the fact that the term "We the People" is not to be taken as being exclusive to Anglo-Saxon Male heritage.

    Dont get me wrong, we did most certainly need the document to serve it's purpose at the time it was signed, but nowdays with the degree of ethnic diversity we see in the Nation and in politics, if the Bil of Rights is still needed by this society to ensure that equal rights are held by Men and Women of all colors, then we as a nation have already failed in our Great Experiment and in either case, it's time to revisit the drawing board.

    One notion I had on the idea of a real democracy. As opposed to the power being split between President, Senate and House, each held by a majority of a specific political party, each with their own views of how things should be. I'd propose we simplify that entire structure a great deal, Eliminate all three of them and the Political Party dividing lines while we're at it. In it's place have a 1000 or so member Counsil, like one Big group of tribal elders made up of elected members from the various states, no fundraisers or imbalance in campaign spending for elections, simply "Open Mic night's" on a Public Programming station, where anyone with an idea or a voice needing to be heard can be, no more lobbiests stuffing our leaders into their back pockets, No more Electorate process usurping the Popular vote, simply We the people as a whole electing an equal representative portion in the Counsil for the state in which we reside plain and simple. No more "closed door" sessions for the Senate or House, if they are conducting buisness on behalf of We the People, then We the People have a right to keep an eye over their shoulder thruout the process to see that our chosen counsil member is acting acording to his campaign platform.

    It's just a thought I know, but if Obama doesn't turn into the Messiah that the Media and such have painted him out to be, we're headed for collapse on a National level yet again, thanks mostly in part to the policies put in place by the current political machine we are ruled by, which is of course mostly controlled by Banks and Robber barons. So I'd guess now would be the time to think ahead as to our options as opposed to trying to sort the mess out after the fact.
  16. OldTroll

    OldTroll Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    .....Wow Fritz .... why don't you take down your inhibitions and tell us how you really feel?

    Om Muni Muni
  17. FritzDaKat

    FritzDaKat Member

    I think I managed to do that rather welll in my post. :D
  18. Individual

    Individual Senior Member

    Ah yes, things are looking great now.
  19. Didymus Doppelgänger

    Didymus Doppelgänger Misfit Lover

    What about Fred Durst?
  20. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    interesting bit of history here.

    how about the NEXT next. now that we not only HAVE obama, but have had him for more then his first hundred days.

    if the republicans are smart they'll run condy rice instead of the dumb blond from alaska.
    of course if they had been as smarter then hidebound they'd have let mccain have liebowitz.

    but we don't live in a smart world. not yet.

    at any rate i'm glad they weren't.

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