The New Deal--anyone else heard em?

Discussion in 'Music' started by bradofcentralpa, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. bradofcentralpa

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    3 man band. drummer+bassist+madd keys=live electronic dance music. they jam on straight dance beats with long songs and no singing. I saw these guys at a house party in Jersey, and it was so fucking fun dancing to them. they could really build a song up and get the energy really high. they've got a cd @ anyone else seen or heard em? know any other bands that play club music live, preferably in PA or nearby?
  2. miami musician

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    yeah, they're gonna be playing down here at langerado in a few months. from what i've heard they're very good, on the same level as sts9.
  3. YEM28

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    They are real good, been listening to them for about a year. They have comparisons to sts9 but sometimes the New Deal has more energy than them. Their lives shows are a good time

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