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Discussion in 'New Age' started by spinelli, May 20, 2004.

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    Ive been doing some brief research about the previous age of pisces and the new aquarius. I tend to scan over all the technical wooha of astronomy, focusing more on the human implications of this influence
    Please share with me ur thoughts and interpretations (not a passage from another source) of pisces/aquarius ages and their influence on us as humans

    One thing that makes things clear to me is that
    pisces: "I experience therefore I believe"
    aquarius: "I believe therefore I experience"
    which has many interesting connotations and representations

    Also, I find it interesting that Pisces age was concerned with personal control.

    what are ur understandings of the two influences?
  2. cerridwen

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    I really haven't ever heard of that... but interesting...
  3. Dolphin~Rider

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    I think this is the age when the field of quantum physics will change our perception of reality. People will understand that we are all co-creators, and the universe responds to our collective consciousness. That realization will eliminate the need for external authority figures for many people and they'll begin to understand that their power is within. You don't need a priest or a rabbi or a guru once you are truly empowered. This change can already be observed and I feel human kind will continue to self-actualize and evolve. Many will fight this new thinking however, and there will continue to be a strong clash of wills between the old ways (conservative, externally controlled) and the new ways (free thinking, internally empowered). Look how afraid the religious right is!! If too many people start thinking for themselves and having true religious experiences apart from the church they lose money and control. They won't let that slip away easily, without a fight! So, it's a struggle between the Age of Pieces and the Age of Aquarious, but freedom will ultimately triumph.
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    doesnt the mayan calendar and where the age of Aquarius begins?? I duno, i think it goes smth like the age of aquarius will bring us a new understanding of everythign, a sort of enlightenment, we will realise wat really is important, the material stuff will lose importance, itll be like a new era. .....
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    I have been wondering that for 30 years,(since the song came out) but I haven't done any research on it.
    My take is that aquarious being a very socially aware sign and very positive- minded, plus being
    the 11th sign, when the age comes we shall evolve
    to our greater potential; our greatest being pisces.

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