The most intense trip.

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by jahmerimaka, Mar 18, 2008.

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    I don't know why I am even posting this.. but here it is.

    About 5 months ago a buddy of mine and me took a trip down to the beach at 6 a.m. with an eight of mushrooms, some ganj, and probably a quarter a gram of 30x salvia.

    Dosed the mush, smoked a bowl, and about a half hour later packed a quarter a bowl of the salvia, this is my second time doing it.

    Cleared the bowl, held the flame on the entire time, laid back in the sand and put my hood over my head.-Don't know what happend after that.

    Next thing i know, I am running, don't know where, don't know why, I am just running away from what ever is behind me fullspeed. EVERYTHING is black unknown. Nothing is going through my mind at the time except instinctive hauling ass with shear terror.

    I feel things biting my feet as i begin to hop up and down, and i look down at the hundreds to ducks biting each of my feet as they touch the ground so I prance around then look up, and I see my friend.

    He is standing there, and he looked exactly like a sailor from a 40's navy ship, and he was riding a giant rubber duck (the duck was real, but looked like a rubber duck) and he was saying something.. all i heard were muffled words that i put my own voiceover to. I kept yelling "STOP FUCKING WITH ME" or what i thought was that. This all took place over a storming sea, i was floating about 20 feet above the thrashing waves and the sky was completely dark, the both of us were floating, and he kept walking towards me, and i kept running backwards, while being bittin by clams now every time i put my foot down.

    I run towards my friend and begin to flail my arms, every time i would take a swing on him there would be a tear in my vision, and behind this tear was me, sleeping in a bed, sound a sleep, but i was in a crib with one of those musical spinning chandaleres above me. but the rip kept on closing after a couple of seconds. I now though i was in a dream and the only way to wake up was to keep swinging and ripping this image untill it was all gone, and i could just see myself, i felt as if with every swing i got closer to reality, but i would also drift back away as the rip would close. I began to run again, and I ran back up towards our stuff and saw my friend, i still thought i was dreaming, i told him to stop fucking with me and i ran back away towards the beach going in this same repeated pattern about 4 times, untill i ran back up towards the street, and kept running. I hopped bushes and shrubs, cut myself up on plants, bu tthis time i saw what was actually infront of me, and i suddenly stopped.. wondering why i was running.

    I though it was the mushroom trip, i couldnt understand how my friend was acting so straight when he ate the same shrooms i did, i was absolutly flipping out because there was no way i would be able to withstand 6 hours of this chaotic realm.

    At this point i slowly began to come down, extremley disturbed, and extremely paranoid that i would slip into this dreamlike state again, so i laid down, trying my hardest not to fall asleep. My friend then reminded me i had smoked salvia.

    Well for the first 10 mins i was rolling around on the floor, then he said i took off running towards the water. i was hopping around and the "ducks and clams" were just shells at my feet. I soon discovered the duck he was riding was nothing but an orange and yellow beach chair he had found during my trip, and his sailor uniform was nothing but a towel over his shoulders.

    I flipped the fuck out and was unstable untill about 7 30, i hit it at 6.

    Wow that was long. Sorry.
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    Sounds pretty intense. I wonder what could have caused it to go bad like that. It sounds from everything that you said that it should have been a peacful trip.
    Maybe mixing the shrooms with it fucked it up somehow.
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    Yeah i definitely think it was the shrooms that made it drag out so long and made it so intense. I was scared shit during the trip, but i think the experience was worth while.

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