The Monkey's Mask

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    The Monkey's Mask is an erotic detective story. A verse novel, it combines the best elements of poetry, eroticism, and narrative.

    The best fuck, p. 67: The Monkey's Mask by Dorothy Porter.

    'Am I the best fuck you've ever had?'

    Diana's chin on my thigh
    her eyes smoking up at me.

    I'm water turned to steam
    my skin scalded pink

    I sigh
    wanting to gush
    endearments, aching words, all my heart's
    stormwater banked up for weeks

    Diana's cocky voice
    makes me bite my tongue

    I hold out my arms

    'No,' she says, 'I like to watch'

    I give in
    and feel her eyes touching me
    from throat to ****.

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