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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by sweetval, Aug 19, 2005.

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    Whats the moment that makes your heart really start pounding, prior to any actual sex.
    For me it's when they slide my panties down because it means that pleasure is soon to folow. Either way, whether it's getting them off to go down on me or fuck me, or baring my ass for a spanking.

    It's when I get a real adreniline rush, anticipating whats coming soon.

    How about you? Whats the real turn on other then actuly physical sex?
  2. Jack-a-Roe

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    tongue/lips on neck/ear....wandering hand under my skirt that doesn't quite make it to where i want it just as a tease...damn i miss my boyfriend
  3. toolmaggot

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    I think it's when you look into each other's eyes and can see the sexual hunger.. the moment when my breath gets caught in my throat and my whole body goes numb. Everything just sort of freezes for a second..

    And then we fuck like bunnies on speed.
  4. Hacker

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    This girl knows what she's talking about. Definitely the "staredown". It can happen before and/or during, but when it does... you know... it's on.

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