the mold called war

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    the tiger eye stares lumonisly into my minds vortex
    thoughts ebb and flow like tides of the ocean
    the tempest rages outside while i drink the dew drops of life
    my ventricles are dialated and warmed with spirit
    small gusts bare the scent of ancient wisdoms
    wisdoms of the earth time for rebirth
    nothingness completes me

    death validates life
    pain validates physicallity
    winding down from the rat race
    who even knows who made first place
    some say its insane to feel this pain
    all i wanna know is what game your playin
    let this rant roll and rock
    I've got holes in all my socks
    bags and bags of plastic hags
    see the system as it sags
    let us share our endevours push and pull all the levers
    a crying sun sets on a dying day
    sleep is here lets hit the hay
    i wake from this here cot
    the sun rises really hot
    another day of denial
    smell the stench of rank and file
    fretting about singing this song
    excuse me while i hit this bong
    i stand at the edge of this rift
    watching the grains sift and sift

    ebb and flow with the tides of time
    ebb and flow within this rhyme
    rhymin so fast you cant see
    that man eternity cant even catch me
    above the system below the rock
    soaring in the sky below the dock
    reaching up high reaching down low
    sighing hoping the seed will sow
    misanthropy stabs my heart
    oh how that pie tastes tart
    see the trees grow up high
    see the lettuce wilt and die
    stick that sword back into your hilt
    the garden of war begins to wilt
    i see something amazing with my eye
    a loaf of peace oh my my
    its been here all the same
    but the mold called war left feeling lame!

    -clint franklin(with the help of the earth)

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