The Missing Link Between GMOs and and Chronic Disease

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    Round-Up, the herbicide for which GMOs are being created, cause two general issues: nutritional deficiency and systemic (or body-wide) toxicity. This leads to a number of serious chronic conditions. In this interview Jeffrey Smith (Seeds of Deception, Genetic Roulette) speaks with Dr Stephanie Seneff (PhD MIT) about her research findings. Since 2011, Dr Seneff authored 10 papers in various medical and health-related journals on topics covering the impact of nutritional deficiencies on modern diseases and the influence of toxins on our health. During the interview Dr Seneff describes a variety of chronic conditions in detail and how GMOs and Round-Up contribute directly. Including the relationship between the spread of GMOs and the increasing incidence of autism. Despite removing the first suspect in autism, thimerasol, from children’s vaccines in 1999, autism spectrum disorder has continued to increase from 1 in 500 in 1995 to 1 in 88 in 2012 according to the Center for Disease Control. Even if you're GMO-aware this interview provides the exact mechanism of damage to your body but if you don’t know why GMOs are best avoided or are on the fence about the issue, this interview is especially for you.

    Watch the interview and read more at Dr Mercola’s site.
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    Very good, I've been waiting for this information! Please repost this where you can people!

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