The mind, my mind, your mind, a mind, our mind, their mind

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    Should occur to you and in you and you that "mind" runs a sequence and schedule of orderous things and randomous of orderous things apart from straight onward infinity. Moments of any given moment: You have where something new enters; you have where something past, with no relavence to current, enters; you have etc. which enters the same basic thing with different or new specifics. Picture thinking of a vase now... Then the next day picture thinking of a vase which looks different... You get the drift. And even there is where you compare previous things with current things. Etc.

    Certain of you find your mind in a mood. Certain of you find your mind on something you know you dont want to mind. Certain of you find your mind running over different options of orders, which come to you or you go across, at random. Certain of you find things popping up in your mind suddenly with no 'building up to minding what done' at all. See the pre-orderousness and the pre-orderous randomness of preordering characteristics which um rotate from moment to moment or switch on and off from moment to moment, differently with you from others also different than you specifically? There be things you be minding which remove hence for some other minding, to where you cant, for the life of you, get back what you were just previously minding in mind. Such may or may not come back or may take long before coming back to you.

    In the end of the day, my day, your day, a day, our day, and/or their day, mind your business! And don't worry about when you mind what you know you dont want to mind. Such is temporarily a decieving of reasonabliness against a foe which think they can read our authentic mind here, in how one seems not so perfect or not so pure in own mind around here. Even think of misplacing things in how something slips the mind... Yeah, not so perfect seeming. Every time they read a not so pure mind, they think it's athentically like that always and forever as far as minds go after one even passes far from here. But ha! The planet is designed to seem reasonable of all sorts of things Yea and Nay or Yin and Yang within the courting the abominable, baring earth realm.

    Certainly our authentic minds, not around here of course, have nothing non-pure or unpure of things here and now so not wanted.

    So think on how the mind is odered to run around here. In general, better than, say, a perfect mind is a favorable mind, since different individuals have their own favorite etc. which is why an individual only may deem their mind perfect from your version of a perfect mind.

    Any question?

    Perfect minds dont think alike. Nothing perfect when you dont think differently. The real beauty of core thinking is its alone-ness which is how a mind is unique from the other minds. But dont mind me. :p I got my mind made up, and my mind on my money, and I got mind over matter.

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