the man from earth

Discussion in 'Sci-Fi Movies' started by deepblue897, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. deepblue897

    deepblue897 Member

    i think its one of the great sci-fi movies with no visual effect. genious.
  2. Yeah I've seen it. Just few people talking in a single room. I was on the edge of a seat for entire movie. It was really interesting.
  3. falconer

    falconer Member

    I saw this awhile back.
    I liked it.

    There's an old book titled My First Two Thousand Years. Check it out if you liked this movie.
  4. deepblue897

    deepblue897 Member

    not trasnlated to turkish
  5. Tasty movie i saw The Man from Earth around 2 years ago... it's an original experience...even if both movies are different it reminds me a little bit to Youth Without Youth ...the comeback Francis Ford Coppola movie ...released the same year (2007) as The Man from Earth... both movies are disturbing...

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