The lonely soul...

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Dinkytharabbit, May 14, 2007.

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    This makes a horror movie feel more comforting
    No words can describe this mess it's way too disturbing
    A child stood in a library hall stuck in the corner crying
    She told me that life has lost all existence and that we are all dying
    I layed my head to a rest, after a full day of thinking
    And I had a dream of everyone, everyone dreaming
    It seemed so real and so full of life with everything happening
    People hurting each other, beating each other, and killing
    It was a nightmare I never thought I'd see, it was so blinding
    Cheating, racism, people hurting gays with discrimination
    So much rebellion and deception all across the nation
    Wouldn't you think think that we'd learn better than all of this hating?
    Ego's and selfishness and without a world of caring?
    It's about 4 AM in the morning and I am slowly waking
    I go outside to smoke a cigarette as my lungs are dying
    I think to myself... maybe I am dying, maybe I am just dreaming
    My lonely soul has not to know life anymore and stopped trying
    I didn't wake up the next morning after sleeping
    Nobody knows what happened or how I was feeling.
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