The Living, the Sasha, and the Zamani

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    I have read that there are African cultures who divide humans into three groups: the Living, the Sasha, and the Zamani.

    The Living includes us, the presently alive.
    The Sasha includes those who have recently died but are still present in our memories. They overlap with us and are not fully dead as they can be recalled by physical representation or in anecdotal form.
    The Zamani are the ones who have no one left who can remember them.
    When the last person who knew a Sasha dies, the Sasha becomes a Zamani.

    Now I thought of this recently because I have been You Tubing What's My Line. What's My Line is an old game show that ran for something like 25 years starting in the early '50s.
    One reason I like it is because of the appearance of "mystery guests". Mystery guests were famous people that would appear to a mostly standard blindfolded panel who would then have to guess who they were. The range of mystery guests is just amazing to me. They have included Frank Loyd Wright, Elenore Roosevelt, Salvador Dali, Colonel Sanders, Dimitri Tiomkin, Groucho Marx, and even a man who was present at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and an appearance by Frank Zappa!

    So, watching these people I see them living their lives in the present, innocently interacting with one another, unaware of the fate we know will befall them.
    One panelist had a mysterious "undetermined" death while investigating the assassination of President Kennedy. Another published books by William Faulkner and Ayn Rand, then became involved in a scandal over "The Famous Writers School", and a third reached the rip old age of 93.
    Among the guests, Muhammad Ali appears in his prime, then contracts Parkinson's disease, Nat King Cool died of lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking Kool cigarettes, believing they gave his voice a "rich deep sound", Charles Atlas, a man who once did a 266 lb one-arm overhead press died of a heart attack at 80 years of age, and after surviving the Casino de Montreux "Smoke on the Water" casino fire in 1971 and the Rainbow Theatre fall two weeks later that almost killed him, Frank Zappa fell victim to prostate cancer at the age of 53.

    The Living, then the Sasha, but never quite moving on to the I, or anyone else of the Living, can call them forth at will.

    And so we the Living carry on, just as they did, not knowing our ultimate fate. Soon to be one of the Sasha, then on toward the Zamani.
    But will we rest with the other Zamani, or like the game show members and guests linger on forever due to being digitally stored and subject to recall at any time? I wonder.

    Just a random thought.......
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    I saw the one with Salvador Dali...Very funny...Interesting thought that some people will liver for ever in the collective mind-cloud...

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