The last birthday of my twenties....

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by missfontella, May 5, 2007.

  1. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    And I'm spending it with 3 of my sleeping kids while I have a chair propped up against the door to prevent the crazy ex from getting in.

    I should be dressed, drunk, and dancing by now. I even have a FABULOUS outfit but no babysitter. My 11 year old could watch the other two for a couple hours but i can't leave them alone so i was just trying to find somewhere they could go. Even on my birthday I can't find a soul to give me a break from these kids for 4 or 5 hours

    humbug.....who cares. at my age, birthdays are just celebrating the fact that I'm not dead yet

    I don't need anybody to love me:crybaby:
  2. SunStoned72

    SunStoned72 just kidding

    maybe you can go out another night???

    enjoy your babies tonight.... you're in a good place with them, I am with my kiddies too right now.
  3. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    Happy Birthday missfontella! You know we love you..
    I agree with SunStoned, go out another night!

    What's the big deal with turning 30? It's still young in my book.
  4. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    No, shes turning 29 I think.

    Anyways, Happy birthday :)

    I'd watch the kid's for ya If I could :)
  5. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    You can turn 29 again next year... and the year after that- and so on.

    Like fine wines we can get better with age.

    Happy birthday :)
  6. happy birthday! I would so watch your kids for you, I'm a good babysitter :)
  7. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    awwww! how shitty is that? happy birthday anyway.
  8. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    Happy happy, Miss F. Sorry things aren't so great. We love you here.
  9. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    Last night just got crazier after I posted ('til about 4am). Luckily, its calm today

    Now I just wanna at least eat out today. Maybe I'll pull a do-over on my birthday fun next weekend if I can find somebody - big if.

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes.
  10. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    I never disputed this.

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