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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by praying4peace, May 12, 2007.

  1. praying4peace

    praying4peace Member

    Im totaly and utterly confused with this all.
    ive read through quite a few forums and post about the subject and it seems so touchy! okay so mabye there were only hippies and what not back in the 60's etc. but what do you call them today? If you get so annoyed at people labelling themselves hippies what do you expect them to say? "hey im jill, i love nature, peace an love... i spend my days with my in my van/bus where i do art and things that stimulate me, i enjoy listening to bob marley, the doors etc, i have dreadlocks and i dont belive in shoes... i belive that people should live their own way of life, with their own rules and morals, i think that everone is beautiful and unique" (or something along those lines... whatever it is)

    people that live along those lines can call themselves what they want and the majority of the time it's a hippie. for the past couple of years ive been called one. i never asked to be called one! i dont refer to myself as one and whenever i get asked i just say im myslef. ive also been called a gypsy, indian etc. why does it mattar so much if people call themslelves a hippie?
    the term "hippie" is going to be around forever and it will be used for the same type of people. who cares if people only want the hippie image!, you real hippies out there should be proud you've brought on a dress sense... and in time those people may even adapt your way of life.
    how do i know this? well because i did exacly the same thing. i watched my cousin and i learned from him. then i became myself.

    i love you all but why is such a little subject brought up so often in forums. people can call themselves what they like. as long as the dont go toooo far with it.

    peace and love
  2. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    the media called em hippies, I am pretty sure they were just freely expressing themselves back then. avoid lables my friend, they put you in a box.
  3. praying4peace

    praying4peace Member

    yea i know that. and thats my point. i wish people would give others freedom to call themselves what they want. i dont refer myself to one, but others may... and im just saying i think its okay for them to. i have no problem with it, why does everone else?
  4. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    I have no problem with people labling themselves. But ok your a hippie, now what do you hve to do to become that lable? what happens if you dont do all that? I mean fuck, just be...shit, be AND fuck, and quit trying to fit a description.
  5. praying4peace

    praying4peace Member

    argh! you dont get it... this thread isnt about ME! its about all of us... being annoyed at people who label themselves. once again, i say GO FOR IT. call yourslef what you like.

    also... i get much amusement from the names people call me. it doesnt effect me in any want and i love it. i dont answer them back giving them a proper name for myself. i just say i am myself.
  6. All of this doesn't matter :). We are all living a dream and it's up to us on how we wanna live it.
  7. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    Labels that we internalize are often different from labels society uses. Don't buy into 'em, labels are not pretty. They cover up what really matters.
  8. I just don't think you gotta be from the 60's era to be called a "hippie". I think it's cool actually. Just like people want to label themselves punk or prissy, butch or girly, goth or vamp, male or female, gay or straight, we all have labels that describe certain things. If you see a "hippie" as "one who loves nature, peace, fun in the sun, and smiling on their brother", then fine! Whatever man, it's all cool.

    These are just labels, we all have 'em. You can't get away from labels. Your own name is a label. ;)

  9. Labels suck!!

    If one more person calls me eccentric I am gonna chuck a hissy fit!

    My Mum tells people I am a frustrated hippie....not really sure what that means.

    I am on a sugar high.........whoops!
  10. Yeah I'm in the same boat as you. People call me a hippie all the time, I don't consider myself to be a hippie. Like you said, I listen to Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and The Doors, hell, they're my favorite. I don't consider any of those bands were hippies either, Marley being the closest, but The Doors and Floyd were definitely not hippies.

    I do believe that there was only one generation of true hippies, and that I think it's mostly because today's generation don't really stand for anything. It seems "hip" to be a hippie nowadays, pardon the pun.

    It's not like I dislike the people who claim to be hippies, pretty much all my friends do, and "hippies" are really great people for the most part. I just hate how the label is just thrown about every which way. And my steam is blown off.......
  11. meteorlima

    meteorlima Member

    I was in haight ashbury when the hippie movement started, before hippies there were beatniks then hipsters who morphed into hippies. They came from everywhere, started communes,free love (STDs),acid, weed...etc,then came hard drugs, pimps, hustlers,& the usual assorted freaks, Altamont, Jimi & Janis ODs, the communes disbanned flooding San Francisco with homeless bums and drug addicts. Be your own person, don't follow, hippie is dead! LET IT BE
  12. That's what I'm saying,and I didn't have to live in the era to know that. Our generation hasn't created any movement that I'm aware of, and if there were, I would be part of it. I don't mind when people call themselves hippies, just when they call me one. I usually say I'm not, but I think that they think I'm joking, which pisses me off. I consider myself an individual, and I think that's something some of these "hippies" should do too.
  13. mandell

    mandell Banned

    The hippies from the 60's took from "straight" society what worked for them and rejected and modified those aspects of society that they felt were not right or didn't work.

    Society nowadays is a bit more complex than it was back in the 60's, but that doesn't mean that societal ills have all but disappeared. To understand what doesn't work in "straight" society, you have to step out of it. Being hip meant, being aware of what's going on.

    Now, it's the younger generation's turn. The human spirit doesn't die. In a way, the idealism of the hippies is still very much alive today than it was back in the 60's.

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