The L Word

Discussion in 'TV' started by Nirvana56789, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Nirvana56789

    Nirvana56789 Member

    Anyone watch the L Word on Showtime?

    Let me know

  2. Lilah_Morgan

    Lilah_Morgan Member

    I love the L Word! However I don't have I have to wait until they come to blockbuster.

    I've seen every episode up t hrough season 3's finale....still gotta wait before I can start watching season 4 though.
  3. Nirvana56789

    Nirvana56789 Member

    Cool :)

    Whos ur fav characters?

    Season 4 is pretty good. the begining of the season is a bit lame..but it gets much better
  4. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    I watch the L word on showtime....BBYEEAAAHHH!!!!
  5. Lilah_Morgan

    Lilah_Morgan Member

    I loved Dana :-( I also like Alice...usually....
    I think Carmen is the hottest ;-)
  6. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    i love it.. im in love with shane
    and i always relate to jenny
  7. Moon_Beam

    Moon_Beam zaboravljas

    I love that show! Shane is the most amazing woman, I want to marry her!!! Although I really can't stand Jenny!
  8. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic


    well havent seen it for awhile maybe she got annoying...

    but was really more with the introspective, discovering herself, finding her inner voice that i relate
  9. Moon_Beam

    Moon_Beam zaboravljas

    Yeah I can understand how she was "discovering herself" but the character just really annoys me!! Especially in series 2!
  10. Lilah_Morgan

    Lilah_Morgan Member

    Jenny bugged me in season two as well! But she grew up me eventually. .

    It was like season 1: She mildly bugged me
    Season 2: I couldn't stand her!!!!!
    Season 3: I wasn't expecting to, but I actually ended up liking her.

    Dunno how she'll be in season four lol.

    BTW L Word fans is season 4 over yet? I wanna know when I should start looking for it at blockbuster.
  11. ethereal

    ethereal Member

    ooo i love the L word!! Here in Australia it wasnt very popular on TV so i watched the dvds, seasons 1, 2 and 3. I would watch 5 episodes in one sitting lol!
    cant wait for season 4, im so itching to know what happens!! Dont tell me anyone!!
    My favourite has always been Jenny, although everybody else seems to not like her.
  12. LilianaRose

    LilianaRose Member

    AHHH THE L WORD! Please let me get ONE night alone with Shane hahaha.

    I like the role that Jenny's character plays...she's so complex. Mia is a wonderful actress.

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