The Khawarij and thier beliefs

Discussion in 'Islam' started by Ali_bin_Abi_Talib, May 28, 2007.

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    I hope all are in good health (ya muslimeen as salam alikeum rahmatullah wa barakatuhu)

    I decided to make this thread to help the non muslims undertsand the plight going on within Islam today. With the rise of Al Qaida, muslims and non muslims alike are falling victim to this group of deviants. It should be understood that they have a different idiology than that of most muslims. Unfortunately, many muslims who are angry at the west for other reasons have supported this group for thier attacks against America, not because they agree with the ideology.

    What are their roots?

    Khawarij means "those who go out". They leave the general group of muslims claiming that the other muslims are not muslims. This group has raised its ugly head many times in Islamic history, starting with the time when they declared Ali Ibn Abi Talib to be outside the bounds of Islam and decided to make war on him. Since then they have popped up many other times.

    Who are they?

    Upon looking at them, one may say that they are extremely devout and that they are the best of muslims. When Ali RA led an army to attack them, they saw the Khawarij crying in their prayers and supplicating all day and night. One man said to Ali RA "How can we fight them when they are such good muslims?" Ali RA replied "they are the dogs of the hellfire".

    They are often called "wahhabi" or "salafi" but they have actually declared that many of the "wahhabi" or saladi" (code words for SAUDI) shaykhs are outside of Islam and are taghuts (false gods/idols) that should be killed.

    What are thier beliefs?

    They believe that none can govern except for Allah. Anyone who tries to govern besides Allah should be fought against. This is why they (al qaida and thier splinter groups, not really including Hamas or Hizbollah) Not only declared jihad on America and Israel, but also on the "apostate" nation states like Jordan, Saudi Arabia and others.

    They have a very very flawed way of looking at the religion. I recently heard a story from a brother who said they are starting to gain control of some areas of Iraq. They have told the people in those areas that Falafel was not around during the time of the Prophet SAWS and therefor it is a Bida'h (innovation in religion). Anyone caught eating, making or selling falafel will be shot (you can't eat falafel but they can shoot you with a gun?)

    They are the most ignorant and rash. None of them are truely shaykhs as they claim. Osama was not learned in Shariah (islamic law), he was actually an engineer.

    They use the writings of Sayid Qutb, an Egyptian man who was a co found of the Muslim Brotherhood. He wrote of killing those leaders who are outside the bounds of Islam. Contrary to Islamic theology, they believe any muslim who commits a major sin (drinking, adultery, etc) to be a non muslim, when Islam teaches that these people are sinners and are still muslims.

    I think I wrote enough and I'm looking forward to some discussion. I'm sure plenty of you will say all muslims are like this and I look forward to shooting you down (intellectually of course).

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