The Journey

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by prana, Feb 11, 2009.

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    i fight vicious threads outside this head
    and further do fiends seem as
    empty space shattered upon me
    witnessed in those connections held back
    proposing desires that embody its own brand of slumber
    and free will looks upon me as karma's evil twin
    readying an army of yet-to-comes
    with swords of static betrayal
    with dogmas drowning a life never lived
    and with homes that cradle such beauty
    fed by those very same hands
    yet to anger what peace is mustered
    not for the sake of complacency
    or in eyes blinded by words that themselves,
    will never be manifested to the same truths we witness
    webs of light that we cling to in our minds eye
    but that of all colors or creeds,
    would a blue say as a red, color me the same for I mourn myself
    does a father simply beg for mercy in the eyes of his grandfather
    to find peace in slavery and remember only the weight thrust upon him
    do we highlight memories of convenience,
    and call to the winds of a withered sun
    while the lush feathered skeletons of the earth
    breathe prana into a journey
    whose warmth their brothers may one day feel
    and in sustaining eachother, so in turn sustain the earth
  2. {we must never forget what happened and is still happening now in 2009.. to many cultures
    and your words speak of this.
    yet to remember such acts of hate causes such sadness
    let the truth been know always..
    fight for a better way to live for all from such sadness .
    with love..
    unity for all someday,}

    i felt your poem had much passion within your words.
    lovenpeace from saff

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