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    Ha-ha, I assume that if I was cooking dinner for you, I would find the tomatoes in the fruit bowl in the lounge. :yum::yum:

    This all reminds me of the day that one of our engineers was turning the workshop upside down looking for an aperture file.
    Needless to say, he laughed when I asked him whether he had looked in the 'filing cabinet'.
    You can imagine the look on his face when I walked into the office, opened the filing cabinet and handed them to him. LOL.

    PS, aperture files are high precision needle files, used to obtain the aspect ratio in a Panavision film camera and compensate keystone effect in a cinema projector. They are expensive and rarely used, therefore I did not risk leaving them lying around in the theater workshop for someone to use prying the lid off a can of paint. LOL
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    is this like a tv dinner? that is literally the worst possible treat; a real treat for her husband would probably be a divorce.

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