The ideal number of people for sex

Discussion in 'Free Love' started by 3rd Husband, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. 3rd Husband

    3rd Husband Banned

    I wonder what some others think about how many people can be involved in a sexual experience, and what is the best number.

    My wife and I have been involved with just one other couple in which we fucked each others' wives in front of each other.

    And, we have been involved with just one other guy, who fucked my wife as I watched. I did fuck her, too, after he had finished.

    We were in a fuck session once with three other guys, but we knew them all and were not worried that it might turn out bad. They were all three able to fuck her twice, because they had time too rest and recuperate.

    And then, at a nudist club, we were invited to a party where there were more men than women. At least five of the men fucked my wife (she was not sure) and I fucked two of the women. After that session, neither of us could remember just who we had fucked with.
  2. Trojjan

    Trojjan Member

    In reality its how ever many you feel comfortable with. I've been to swingers clubs with many couples and singles in a single room, up to 60. Some women like extra men, where its men that often have to recover after ejaculation.
  3. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Having 2 woman to have sex with in the same room & swapping from one to the other at intervals would be an awesome experience & a huge turn on - depending on their ages etc.
  4. zerojanai

    zerojanai Member

    Trojjan said it best: "As many as you feel comfortable with." While I've still not had any multiple partner type of events, I would start to question myself with around a group of 12. Smaller groups would be more 'intimate' in a, more easily able to count all of your partners sort of way.
  5. deleted

    deleted Visitor

  6. crazyMax28

    crazyMax28 Banned

    ...ideal number of people for sex?

    Huh, hard to say :)
    but I would say more = better
    zen = roman orgy :)
  7. Wombat96

    Wombat96 Member

    orison is correct.............42 is always the answer...............
  8. Son of John

    Son of John Banned

    I will add to this that one time, only, I had sex with two women at the same time. They were my wife and her lezzie friend. Her friend was wondering what it would be like with a man, so my wife offered me to her.

    We were all naked on the bed. First I had her suck my cock a bit, just to get the "taste" of the whole experience. Then she spread on the bed, and I was pleased to find that she had a really hairy pussy!

    Then as I fucked her friend, I pulled my wife into position with her legs apart, where I could eat her pussy at the same time. It was my first and only time to cum in one pussy while I was eating another, but it was great!
  9. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    My answer, assuming you mean how many at once, in a single session, would be 2 (1 on 1). The intimacy of focussed contact adds to the experience, whereas adding a 3rd party reduces the exclusiveness & can make you feel a bit of a 5th wheel by having to share.
  10. Son of John

    Son of John Banned

    Let me say some more!

    I believe the ideal group sex number would be more men than women, if only because women can fuck longer, even after they cum, whereas men, after they cum, have to have a time of recuperation. For every woman in a group fuck, there should be at least two men, and preferably, three of four so that she can experience the "marathon" fuck that few women ever do.

    I was once at a nudist club and watched as three other guys took turns fucking my wife. When I fucked her too, into her pussy-full of other guys' cum, it was most exciting for me.

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