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    In ‘Nature’: A nanoscale discovery with big implications | William & Mary

    William and Mary and the U of Michigan are usually small potatoes when it comes to fundamental physics research, but they will go down in history. You can remember these two guys names.

    They've discovered that the laws of physics obey Goldilocks, as well as Murphy, explaining why Relativity and thermodynamics share the same mathematics, as simply the result of 42 being as good an explanation as anyone is ever going to get. Which means the laws of nature reflect our mortal fallibility and the proximity of the observer determines the lowest possible energy state. In other words, its just as meaningful to say nothing can ever be too hot or too cold, too big or too small, etc. because a context without any significant content is an oxymoron. Heat then represents how space and time exchange identities in ways that are humanly comprehensible. We perceive the arrow of time and causal universe, because a singularity makes almost no sense to us whatsoever. To some extent, our future normalizes our past, just as our past helps to determine our future.

    An examination of a Mott transition from quantum mechanical to classical produced unexpected results that baffled the experimentalists. The results defied all their theories and calculations, implying that the big bang was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. The scientists expressed their dismay and suggested it could be years before anyone could figure out how a Goldilocks universe works. Basically, they've just shown how to prove yin-yang push-pull dynamics rule the universe.
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    I've been writing my book for ten years now, suspecting its coming in another three years the whole time, but this is the first definitive sign that everything is about to slide down the rabbit hole all at once. You can run, but you can't hide from Goldilocks Murphy. Nature plays a game of red light, green light playing peek-a-boo all the time.

    I was originally so worried that three years was all I had that I was working 16 hours a day without a break for years. Get ready, the Three Stooges are about to drop acid. Whatever mojo you got going for you, now's the time to break it out, and start to strut again. If I'm right, they will soon discover how to manipulate time and gravity in a variety of ways.

    This means that, to a significant extent, Murphy's Law is something we can apply to our own subconscious mind along with Yogi Berra and Goldilocks, while the Peter Principle appears to be a law of nature. Nature tends to promote us to the level of our incompetency, as if constantly testing us to see if we are good or bad, while our unconscious mind tends to throw monkey wrenches into everything. The combination is a self-organizing system that can display resilience, emergent effects, and nonlinear temporal dynamics that ensure everything expresses the maximum entropy production, or creativity. Its as if we are part of the initial creative impetus of the big bang.

    The paper is behind a paywall I assume, which is why they give so few details. However, the basic idea can be compared to using a singer shattering a crystal goblet, or someone tuning in a radio station. The HUP implies everything is quantized, while they just used a crystal goblet made of two membranes to get more than 100x the energy than the HUP says is possible, by spacing the two membranes the exact wavelength apart. The implication is that quantized energy emerges from continuous energy, the lowest possible energy state of the entire universe combined.

    If they can figure out how it works, it means they will have ways of doing things that cannot even be done with quantum mechanics today, such as manipulating time. I don't think perpetual motion machines are possible, but there are tradeoffs that can be made.
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    If you can manipulate gravity warp-drive becomes possible, so too does time-travel
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    Warp drive is already possible, and NASA is working on the first warp drive engines right now.
  6. An associate professor and a couple PhD students from the Univeristy of Michigan.......then I stop bothering to read on

    At least the thread title kind of has something to do with the article this time

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