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Discussion in 'The Future' started by Inquiring-Mind, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Inquiring-Mind

    Inquiring-Mind Senior Member

    Should the human race destroy and kill itself or continue to oppress and exploit itself and the world?
  2. baloon

    baloon Member

    what will happen will happen. It is really not human race as a whole that oppresses and exploits itself, rather the handful of individuals. Human race as a whole keeps successfuly procreating. but the rest of the world part is sad (environment) sice it is a subject to a lot of exploitation. the trend as I see it - but I don't believe it will be A decision, rather a product of the flow of events - is that the human race will very shortly run out of resources "to keep it going", and thus extinction will start.
  3. Inquiring-Mind

    Inquiring-Mind Senior Member

    Very true.
  4. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    i believe we may have several other choices. i find them preferable to either.

    (i DO appreaciate that someone has raised the question in this context and from this perspective!)

  5. Sign Related

    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    The human race is causing a different kind of slavery to go on. Got folks with no illness taking meds that do harm.
  6. baloon

    baloon Member

    yes and that makes you think... what will happen to our evolution
  7. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    maybe we'll keep evolving and we may evolve into two groups, one that uses meds and one that dosent and maybe in several generations the group that uses meds will have all sorts of disfigurements and sexual reproduction problems while those who chose to stay healthy are, keep on keepin on. Darwin calls it Natural selection.
  8. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    I think its time to give some other species a chance
  9. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    well i think it's time to give all species a chance, others and ourselves both, by lowering our fertility somehow, before nature does it for us with famine and disease.

    i'm not being anti-sex or anti-motherhood, but i do think human birthrates are waaaay to high. and NOT just among unwed welfare imigrant mothers on dope, either. ALL human birthrates.

    there used to be a site, i don't know if it still exists or not, v.h.e.m't (something like that); voluntary human extinction movement. this thread reminded me of that. mostly the idea i think was just aggreeing not to make anymore (human) babies.

  10. BeOna

    BeOna Member

    In the event that most of humanity is destroyed and we are left to start over those of us who have chosen to concern ourselves with sustainability will have the advantage. i would like to think something like this could provide a second chance for humanity where those who are in the know about edible and medicinal plant, alternate energy sources, conservation and so on would be much more valued than we are today. But, I fear most of humantiy would freak out and try to get us back to our present state as quickly as possible. Whether we should, or are headed to this point, I dont know.
  11. well, i certainly wouldn't wish for the exticntion of the human race. i mean, come on. we ARE humans. it's sorta like, you gotta root for the home-team. now, i'll agree with the fact that most humans are complete materialistic assholes. and if they were gone tomarrow, i think the world would be a better place. but there are those few people out there that reinstill faith in the human race.
  12. DQ Veg


    That's what I've been saying for a long time.
  13. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    my home is my head. it ain't got no team. and i don't gotta root fur nothin. cept maybe roots, to eat, to survive on.

    we're perfectly capable of livin in hog heavin without trying to impress each other. flip or coin or roll a dice. maybe folks'll figgure that out, or maybe they won't. i'm not makin odds either way.

    even 5% of our current numbers would be enough to sustain the species, and more likely it will be more like 20% if even less then 50.

    media likes to hype everything so if even 5% of us died they'd call that the end of something.

    i just want to see the web of life itself get healthy, and we don't need to be all gone for that to happen.

    we don't even need to have anything big and bad happen, just somehow lower our fertility rate. not zero it, just lower it a bit and let attrition do the rest. till we get down to numbers that are more harmonious, even for our own heads. about the population levels between 1750 and 1917, without the already even then upward spiral.


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