The Human Flaw (Random thoughts as I sit sick and bored in my room)

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    The Human Flaw
    Nature is a cycle,
    Life ending in death to grant more life,
    We are all connected through the vast soul of mother earth,
    One united family,
    Death grants life and all that living beings use or destroy they return in the form of more life granted,
    All but humans,
    For we have a flaw,
    For each death we cause,
    Our soul connection to that being is severed and dies,
    Killing a portion of ourselves,
    For each death we consume,
    We absorb that death into ourselves,
    And what is normally returned to the earth to grant new life,
    Is retained within us due to human ignorance,
    Causing us to accumulate death in our souls,
    That manifests itself as cancers, disease, and other ailments,
    This is mother natures justice against those who do not contribute to her cycle,
    As we sever ourselves from our souls,
    And destroy our own destructive selves.
    Life is a cycle of contribution to new life with no room for greed,
    And those who do not contribute,
    Can only accumulate the death that should have become new life,
    And their souls are slowly lost,
    As their sea of greedy death grows deeper.

    Haha ok so this is a very random thought I had and for some reason could only express in this poem - esque form. So let me know what you think.
  2. jumbuli55

    jumbuli55 Member

    Dyonisian vs. Apollonian theme?
  3. Tsurugi_Oni

    Tsurugi_Oni Member

    I think you're a genius Even though I don't believe that we lose the connection to people's souls that we've connected with. Those connections are simply vibrations. If your mother gave you love as a child, and cultivated that love over a lifetime, then you will have that love for a lifetime. Just because she dies it doesn't mean that you forget how to love others, or how it felt to be loved. You simply have to carry on.

    As a whole tho, I believe 100% what ur saying. Ultimately we all come from the earth. That's why we need vitamins, minerals, carbs, all that stuff. If we throw off the balance internally or externally, the imbalance is seen as disease, sadness, etc. Balance is harmony, harmony is happiness.

    Keep on tossin random thoughts man.
  4. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

    Wow. That's gold man!
    I read that, and something in me, it just clicked. What you just said is the truth son.
  5. seeingblind

    seeingblind Member

    i think thats beautiful. reminds me that i am not so significant as an individual but my connection to everyone/thing else is imperative for universal harmony its our selfish motives aimed to please our impermanent selves that disrupt the balance and cause suffering. selflessness and humility is the only way to truly find peace
  6. xexon

    xexon Destroyer Of Worlds

    When you are isolated from your normal stimuli, you tend to compensate in the same way a blinded person compensates for loss of a sense.

    Other things become amplified, because the lifeforce must continue to flow. It must find expression in the material world.

    Water finds it's own level.

    What is the flow of water, but the equalization of opposing forces?

    Our individual natures give us the ability to color that simple thing as we see it.

    Sometimes, to the shock and awe of those less evolved. :)


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