The Herb Book by John Lust.

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    Has anyone ever heard about The Herb Book by John Lust (here is the Amazon Link:"]The Herb Book: John Lust: 9780553267709: Books)? I had the book about 25/30 years ago (well, to be honest, it was my parents' book, and I was still in high school). Then someone threw it out (presumably one of my parents). Then I found and bought it again about 20 years ago, in a local drug store.

    This book is a treasure. It literally has everything in it. Yes, I do mean everything. It even talks about henbane and ergot! I don't recommend using henbane or ergot. But hey, if you want to know about either of those things, this is the book for you! It also has a thought-provoking section on cannabis. Did you know cannabis is a good local anesthetic? Now you do! (Again, I don't recommend using cannabis if illegal in your area. But if you ever wanted to know about it...)

    It is probably hard to get this book now. But I still think it would be worth it.


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