The hate I have for you.

Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by Keramptha, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I’m fed up of killing myself, of hating this, of wanting it to be over, of hating you all, of thinking you’re all total dickheads, stupid fucking morons. Of wishing you’d just stop talking all that shit you spout, of wanting to be something else, of hearing the universe laugh at me outside my broken frame.

    The stars sparking further from where I am. Of them being up there, burning away like the furious rage I feel inside.

    The fire and heat burning up my insides, and all the while that fucking star gets to melt the galaxy with cosmic fire.

    My brain tissue willing itself to die, all the time.

    My heart, saying, stop beating, I cant take this utter fucking disaster.

    This place is a total mess. I can’t help but hate the way we all are, I cant help the feeling I share, of wanting to blow us all away.

    Terrorism is in me. Its my soul, the fear I want to create in you. The hate I feel for you, the way I want you all to die, and suffer with it.

    So I’ll cry, to know this is how I feel, I’ll cry for knowing that I only want to kill you to stop the pain carrying on, to stop us killing our children.

    This soul is so fucked up, the world is so churned to blood.

    And knowing that these words will be taken by some, to mean a meaning that we’re all done for. Makes me sick, and hurt and tired, knowing that even the way I really feel, is going to mean a disaster for some other.

    So let me tell you, make you hear this now, this rage is a part of all of ours soul. And do some maths kid, you can figure, that if all of us don’t get bigger, and if we all took a gun to our neighbour…what sort of world would that make?

    No more pain, no more, no more killing.

    Kill the gun inside your heart, let a rainbow shine out, one day you might be the only one.


    anyone know how to make this into a lyric /al want to make it into a ryhme...something to spit to some music... please if anyone knows how to adjust this to 'sound' good in time,

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    Welcome back, dude. Nice to see you on form again.

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