The Hate Fuck

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    The Hate Fuck

    In twisted Denial

    I’m sick like a practical


    I play on myself

    She’s tender and mild

    Her beauty transcends

    My hatred for her

    So I desecrate her


    Disassociating virtue

    Into a primal emotion

    She knows not of my

    Serial mind

    My fickle resolution

    Or my distorted


    She glanced at it once

    Through dirty opaque


    And was frightened at

    What she saw

    I thirst for her smell

    Upon my body

    Like a vampire’s blood

    I’d suck it out of her

    Along with her soul

    Every chance I get

    My ulterior motive gets

    The best of me

    I know not what’s real

    Am I me

    She believes I am

    I’m not sure

    As we lay naked in the


    Excerpt from:

    Plague of the Invigilare

    By Joseph DeMarco
  2. SoFarAway

    SoFarAway Friendly Fried Guy

    I love it. Bravo!

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