The Grinning Clock

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by PoemBased, May 18, 2007.

  1. PoemBased

    PoemBased Member

    The grinning clock, my nemisis
    Rests his hands in empty pockets.
    "Work you damn beatnik!"
    Cackles and laughs, cackles and laughs;
    Staring down with that conniving grin.
    Never your friend, true.
    The murdering bastard.
    Slaver to us all,
    Always waiting for him, always chasing him.
    Even forever and infinity his property,
    All existance his puppets
    As is that yet to be.
    Accepts no bribes and grants no favors;
    Only he
    Laughs and cackles, laughs and cackles.
    Cracking his whip; and cracking his grin.
    Sadistic and cynical brat.
    How carelessly he plays with his toys,
    Curse you, "beseech you,
    Hurry!" Deaf and mute.
    Scorned I feel
    So kill him I must,
    Though, have I done it too often?
    If only I were to find you!
  2. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Cool poem!
    Wow I definitely like it!
  3. SweetMarie

    SweetMarie Member

    So Good! I love it.
  4. agreed..times a bitch..i oddly pictured an angry man in a bondage costume when i read this..weeeird lol
  5. PoemBased

    PoemBased Member

    bondage costume?

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