The Greatest Proscrastinator

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by MaximusXXX, Mar 19, 2008.

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    IN THE WORDL!!! No kidding, this isn't one of those " oh man I started my essay so late or I started working on those windows a week after etc " THIS IS A FACT!


    Here's the thing.

    Film Essay.

    Due at 2 p.m. today.

    Analyze a film and say how it pertains to the genre and the gender role ( that was the film I chose, The Brave One, there 5 to choose from )

    Time started watching film, on a streaming download:

    11:00p.m. paused at 11:20p.m.

    Watched John Stewert and Colbert Report

    Fast forwarded to the last 10 min, went to sleep ( I had a rough day before and only had 3 hours of sleep the day of )

    Woke up at 9:00 a.m. to give myself some time

    Watched random youtube vids, decided to make a music vid of my own.

    Started working on essay at 11:30, wrote 2 sentences.

    Got back to watching youtube.

    Started to get back at my essay at 12:50, wrote what came to mind from the 30 min I watched until 1:30, then I headed to catch the bus to the University Library seeing as how I needed 3 sources.

    Got to library at 1:36

    Got to 7th floor at 1:40

    Picked up three books that sounded reasonable for me to find good quote pertaining to the essay, took 2 minutes.

    Took 3 minutes to get down the elevator took another 2 min to sign the books out.

    Got to University Computer Lab at 1:48

    Needed to print out my academic integrity paper and write down my references and add in some quotes with footnotes.

    Got to the lecture hall at 2:09

    It was a standard 2000 word essay and I had nothing to do since I handed in my History Essay last Wensday.

    I do work hard on my essays for most of my courses, but film studies has been 1st and 2nd year "easy" course. And I never, never start essays more than 48 hours before they're due.

    Anyway, thought I'd share this with you as even a good friend of mine who is the king of proscrastination told me I took it too far.
  2. hippieatheart

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    aww that ain't shit
    take a walk in my shoes for a day, THEN you'll see procrastination, my friend
  3. D_MAN

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    Ya thats pretty good (or bad), but at least you get something done. I'll usually end up either here or wikipedia or something, I usually won't make my own music videos lawl.
  4. FinnishButterfly

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    wow thats

    (ill finish this later)
  5. Captain Cannabis

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    what the fuck it said i posed the letter V.

  6. decriminalize

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    Dude I'm such a horrible procrastinator, if I can tell the teacher a good excuse to buy me some time I'll postpone it as long as possible. One time I postponed every single one of my paper's for a semester until the last day grades were due. lol. I'm procrastinating writing a paper right now that was due today.

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