The Great Donor Show in Holland

Discussion in 'Europe' started by wolf_at_door, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Thumbs up. It's so great that this completely unscrupulous media event turned out to be fake. That will gain the awareness of need of donors by 1000%.
    I'm not a donor myself yet - but I'm really gonna sign up now - thanks to this giant bluff.

    I hope those audience who thought it was real, enjoying the show behind their tellys with one hand in the snacks, another holding the coke, feel embarrased today.
    It's such a big fuck finger to those who go for cheap entertainment on behalf of peoples suffers. I hope this will make them think before they press the on-button on their telly next time...

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    This is very ingenious of the Dutch! It did not surprise me about being fake. The Dutch are champions for people in need! I've known this since I lived in Nederland in 1995, not any more, but soon to visit!

    Tot ziens! Cheers-

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