The Grateful Digital Dead

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    This is too cool, and along the same lines as my own work. Simply using people chatting online they can train an AI to imitate the way they talk, and their intention is to provide people with the chance to talk to their dead loved ones online. Combining this with something like motion capture technology, they can literally use a 2D video of someone to resurrect them in VR, with the same technology being hotly pursued by Hollywood and game developers, as a way to replace actors. My own work is in reducing the demands on the computers and AI to a minimum, so any cheesy next generation laptop or cellphone can run programs like this, due to most people being pathetically predictable. The more biased the individual, the harder they will be to distinguish from any bot online.

    It is my sincere hope to make bigots and any biased idiot's wildest fantasies come true, by giving them life-like bots to argue with, that can lose arguments and show them a good time. Of course, this means Jerry Garcia can play guitar again in VR.
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