The Future of Canned Meat

Discussion in 'The Future' started by Brain Food 101, May 19, 2004.

  1. Hello people.

    This is my first post, and I decided to make it here because the future is on my mind more then anything else these days.

    I'm 18, I grew up in Florida with my Grandparents. I like to talk about shit that relates to shit people talk about. :)

    I just wanted to introduce myself.

    Just so this post isn't considered irrelevent to the forum, does any body ever wonder why we treat this planet like we're actually going to make it to another before we totally fuck this one up? I go to the store and walk around, usually whenever I'm high, and I look at all the disposable razors, soon to be obsolete magazines, and even those little vending macchines where you get the stretchy hands and shit, and it makes me wonder what's going to happen when we need all this junk to validate the future and it's all gone...

    I guess we'll all be dead anyway, but it fux with my head sometimes...

    Nice to meet you guys.
  2. Well, I just read a couple more posts from you, and I suppose you DO think about it...

    Do you guys think the people that can actually do something about it think about it? More then they think about the money they're making doing it?

    Besides, does anybody have any ideas on how we could even change this?

    Inevitably, our little voices will be drown out by those talking about the newest issue of Rolling Stone. Who cares about the future when some pop icon's titties are popping out of their fashionably revealing threads, right?..........
  3. i'm worried about the same thing. especially when i realize how far we are past the point if no return. what have us humans been thinking these past centuries? it gets me so discouraged sometimes that the only things keeping me going are the small (probably pointless) things that i do to try and help. (recycle, reuse, reduce)
    by the way, i live in spring hill(fyi)

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