The first time I tried to visit a Naturist club.

Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by 3rd Husband, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. 3rd Husband

    3rd Husband Banned

    I heard about a club not too far from where I lived, so I went out there to see if I would like it. I was met at the gate by a man who told me I could not be admitted unless I was accompanied by a woman. He said they were preserving "gender balance".

    I asked what that meant, and he told me, quite frankly, "If you want to look at our women, you have to bring a woman of our own for the rest of us to look at!"

    It was not the reaction I had expected, but I believe he was being completely honest with me. I have much on this site from guys pretending to be the "real" naturists and they deny most strongly that going to nudist clubs or beaches is about looking at naked women.

    Another time I went to this same club, this time accompanied by a woman, and they were most happy to admit me. But I understood then that they really were looking at her, no matter how much they pretended that they weren't.
  2. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire

    Hey, have you met our friend Son of John? It sounds as if the two of you would have a lot of things to talk over together.
  3. Dario Western

    Dario Western Member

    Name and shame! This is not nudism, this is voyeurism and no nudist club owners worth their salt would behave the way the owner did towards you.

    If guys want to simply look at naked women, there are plenty of strip clubs, girlie magazines and porn websites for them to look at.
  4. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    then you should of brought your "chick with a dick"...
  5. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    That's creepy
  6. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    I don't think that only accepting a man as one of a couple is that unusual for naturist clubs in the UK. I am aware of several that are couples only, at least on certain days of the week. It's an issue that causes some division amongst naturists.
  7. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Most men and women are rather ordinary looking, clothes or no clothes.
    I don't know why people imagine naturist places as some exotic pleasure palace.
    If you want to see attractive women, go to your corner grocery store.

    As for rules banning unescorted men, seems that the clubs that do so usually mean a married man without his wife, not a single guy. Seems the club lawyers are worried about their client (the club) being named the defendant in a divorce case.

    I have no jealous anti-naturist wife for the clubs to worry about. Do the clubs worry too much? Maybe their lawyers do, but I live in one of the most litigious countries in the world. Who knows if they are doing what is necessary?

    Gender balance worries some clubs. I know of one club where I find it helpful to call ahead to ask if they have not reached the limit for men that day. If I bring a woman from work, a girlfriend, sister or cousin that would satisfy most of these places. But I usually find that phoning a few days in advance gets me in.
  8. 3rd Husband

    3rd Husband Banned

    I feel that the real reason behind this 'gender balance' discrimination is that the men who run the clubs do so because they like to look at naked women! And when a guy tried to visit without bringing the required naked woman for the others to look at, he is unwelcome.

    In later times, when my wife did go with me to visit nudist clubs, we were greeted warmly, and with much attention. The other men would make it a point to stop and engage me in extended conversation while allowing themselves long looks at my wife's body.

    A few of them were even brave enough to comment on the fact that my wife had "a nice body", which could be interpreted in a number of different ways.

    Anyone have similar experiences?
  9. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    That statement is nothing but slander if you have no facts to back up your criticism of individual club owners.

    By the way, a gender balance policy is not the same as a ban on unescorted males. Gender balance generally means that a single guy can attend as long as the number of males is not substantially greater than the number of females that day. Some clubs ban married men from attending without their wives, but allow several unmarried men to attend on any given day. They even helpfully suggest phoning a few days in advance to assure admission.
    My favorite club doesn't even have a gender balance policy. They do such a good job attracting single women and couples that I have never been turned away. I meet single women at naturist clubs and hit it off well with some of them.

    As for the guys apparently hitting on your wife, perhaps you simply ran into some swingers. Some clubs do a better job than others discouraging this behavior. Most of the time, you can simply report the guys and they will be sternly warned.
  10. Why yes, as a matter of fact. I've been denied entrance to "men only" functions and private clubs. Yet, strangely enough, men universally and vigorously defend the right of private clubs to set their own rules to exclude women.

    Oh ... your private club sets their own rules to exclude men? I'm sure that's different.
  11. RickIsHere

    RickIsHere Visitor

    Gender balance:

    Nude clubs and resorts are dependent on one thing above all else-
    women can be comfortable and feel secure.

    If it's a family resort, then parents must feel secure with their children there.

    We all understand that more single men than single women will visit a nudist club or resort. That's just the nature of the thing.
    If the gender balance falls too far toward the males, people will be uncomfortable, especially the women.

    Thats just the way social nudity works. Its human nature.
    And I say that as a middle-age single man.
    I don't like it, it's just the way it is.

    And, yeah, part of my motivation is to see naked women. (and clothed women)
    And I enjoy being seen naked.

    At the same time, I simply enjoy being among other people who share my lack of inhibition, people who are comfortable being together in a nude social situation.
    For me at least, the pursuit of social nudity is many things at once, not simply "naturism".
  12. nakedrhode

    nakedrhode Member

    many years ago now we went once and never went again as we moved to far away but been to others since .Sadly our local one closed down due to lack of fresh member ship.
  13. cinnamond

    cinnamond Member

    The opening statement is understandable, the "quite frankly" statement is disgusting and could only happen in the UK, where this kind of attitude unfortunately is widespread. I am a Brit and would never visit a British naturist resort, plus it is too bloody cold, it needs to be warm and welcoming. France Croatia and Spain then.
  14. hardboy

    hardboy Member

    Just like Curves Gym "For Women" a private business can set its own admission policies. If you don't like them, go somewhere else. They're not the only game in town.

    If it's a "men only" event that strikes me as something that most if not all women would not want to attend anyway, so that's a red herring. Same thing applies here, though.

    I think the old line nudist resorts are on the way out along with their bizarre rules. The younger generation doesn't see the need for a special location that often doesn't appeal to them for basic creature comforts anyway. They make their own parties wherever, whenever and generally are more accepting without the need for artificial barriers like these and still behave themselves.

    Just don't patronize clubs that creep you out and they'll be gone sooner rather than later.
  15. Cassandra66

    Cassandra66 Member

    I think it's just stupid anyways to ban women, or men, for whatever reasons. Let us decide if we want to be there. And banning someone because they're single is stupid also.
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  16. jameske91

    jameske91 Supporter HipForums Supporter

    A nudist resort/club here in Maryland doesn't allow single males to enter. A few lost soles have ruined it for all single males...smh
  17. RickIsHere

    RickIsHere Visitor

    And there are others as well.

    Please let me say it again, I'm a single male over 50.
    I've spent time at a few nude resorts.

    Some have an official policy of accepting single males but the regular membership does not make them welcome.
    At other resorts most members do accept single males, conditional of course on their behavior over time..

    I wish the situation with acceptance of single males could be otherwise, but I can well understand why they are often not accepted. I've come to know a couple of long-time owners of nude resorts and I've seen the effort they must make to to maintain an atmosphere where everyone can be comfortable and feel secure.

    Many single males just cannot be trusted in a situation of social nudity.
    Sad, but true.

    For the coming summer I will be far from my home area.
    If I am to have any social nudity this year it will be necessary to visit resorts in the upper midwest I've never attended before .
    That means I'll be going through the single-male-acceptance gauntlet again... Not sure if I'm even willing to try.
  18. Jon-Marc

    Jon-Marc Member

    I rarely see a woman in a nudist resort who rates a second look. Most of the women (and men) I've seen are older than me, and I'm 68. The woman who caught my eyes was a visitor who wore a skimpy bright red bikini all the time she was in the resort. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, and a ton of allergies and I'm one of the healthiest persons here.
  19. RickIsHere

    RickIsHere Visitor

    From an east-coast perspective, I'd assumed that at nude resorts in California everyone was fit, tanned, and playing volleyball non-stop.
  20. Gromit801

    Gromit801 Member

    There's a large debate in the nudist world about resorts. The reasons for gender balance has been stated ad nausium.

    Resorts do just about everything they can to discourage younger visitors. No youth activities, no photography (as in no posting or tweeting your activities, I.e. No pics), and treating younger nudists like they're still under adult supervision (though to be honest, some DO need supervision if our neighborhood is an indication).

    Back in the 50's through the 70's, nudist resorts were VERY active, happening places to go. Always something going on. Nudity was mandatory. Then the conservative 80's hit, clothing optional began it's insidious creep, fewer people became nude at resorts, just skinny dipping at the pool and back into their wraps. Now those resorts are all stagnant as far as younger nudists are concerned, and the residents just want peace and quiet.

    Because of the C/O debacle, many women won't go nude, because others around them are dressed. Fewer women and families at the resorts, fewer single men allowed.

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