The First Ani post!!!!!

Discussion in 'Music' started by naturegoddess69, May 20, 2004.

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    So, I went to see Ani on the 14th. It was great! I wanted to thank everyone that told me I should definitely go see her. I also just got my up,up,up,up,up,up cd in the mail today. Yay! She put on a great show. I've never seen an acoustic guitar sound so powerful. Definitely will go see her again.
  2. serra

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    i saw her last year at the winnipeg folk fest and it was frigging amazing!! the woman broke like 5 guitar strings during her show!!


  3. beachbum7

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    I saw Ani in concert when she came to Tokyo in March, and she kicked ass (Actually, she broke her guitar strings after doing the song "Bubble"). I can't wait to see her again in concert (I don't think it'll be in Japan, but I'll see her in concert again). Actually, I've rented some of her CDs, and saved the songs on my computer recently.

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