The Escape

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by dormouse, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. dormouse

    dormouse Member

    The Escape

    I saw a ghost image,
    Of wings on your shoulders,
    Flexing with golden energy,
    Feathered radiance trembling.

    A dirty faced cherub,
    Sat naked at your feet.
    His eye were sage wise.
    He taste tested a beetle.

    A wild man howled your name,
    The drummers created thunder.
    As the world was falling suddenly,
    Away, all around you.

    Colors bled to blinding white.
    The stars giggled, as they fell,
    As they fell into the sea.
    Reality paused, holding It's breath.

    You threw back your head then,
    Laughing your cavalier power.
    Your cherub laughed too,
    So the beetle escaped.
  2. Mmm. I like this alot. It's very descriptive and the whole thing goes well together. Nice job. :)
  3. dormouse

    dormouse Member

    thanx freaky! was wondering if anyone would like it enough to comment. i bow to your excellent taste in poetry. teehee!
  4. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

    Indeed, nice visuals. This is a wonderful poem.

    Would you like any suggestions or will this be your final version?

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