The effects of smoking weed

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Peace_of_Pizza, May 28, 2004.

  1. I was just wondering how people feel when they smoke weed,

    For me its like i got electrical shit flowing round my body, and wen i lie down i can concentrate and it feels like im accelerating VERY fast and that im going through what i see but not... Somtimes things seem fucking hilarious that would just be a small laugh otherwise and eating good food is like a fucking orgasm (treacle tart omg)
  2. Tykn130

    Tykn130 Member

    The first time you take a hit. A big rush goes up your head and after a while you just get stone. Sometime you just stare at something for a long time. And like the first timers after blazeing for a while you start thinking about how come We are here in earth. And you get all into the aztec shits. That happen to me but now im just blazeing all fuckin day.
  3. I feel like a weight is pulling me down, or sometimes I feel an adrenaline rush.... I feel like I'm speeding really fast.

    As for thoughts, I have clearer thinking. I think about different solutions to problems, I think about how come the 7-11 is always open, when it kind of sucks there. I just think of different things. It's actually comical what I come out with.

    Sometimes I just sit there and watch tv, and my perception of the television show is a lot different if I wasn't high. It's kind of cool.

    Trailer Park Boys is awesome to watch when you're baked. :)
  4. I must say thats very much like for me as well, although i have trouble actually remebering wat i come up with wen i was stoned! Some things stay with me, and yeh watching tv is much better i find interesting programs much more interesting and vice versa. Events also seems to take place a lot slower and they seem a long time ago after they happened even if they are like 20 minutes i guess its cus im thinking about everything that happens in much more depth.
  5. mellow75

    mellow75 Member

    I just love being stoned around normal people, its hard not to laugh because they seem so serious
    and you now your eyes are red as fuck so people know you are stoned
    i walked into my local 7-11 and there was a bouncer on the door!
    paranoid and ripped in public is an experience

    i don't enjoy being stoned at work but sometimes I get so blazed at night i'm stoned the rest of the next day. I take the train to work now so that I don't risk driving baked. join the freaks
  6. A great thing to do is get say 6 friends in a tent get stoned and start laughing at somthing funny histerically every1 starts laughing cus ur laughing histerically, then they laugh more cus every1's laughing and it justs grows until some have to leave the tent cus they cant breathe.

    A bouncer outside a 7/11? lmao
  7. Your perception of things changes, that's why. Time just seems to go so much slower. When everything around you goes so fast. It's hard to explain. I should post in this forum when I AM stoned, and you can see a difference.

    Although I'm even MORE laid back stoned, than I am not stoned.
  8. reef

    reef Member

    night comes with sleepyness and the morning energy
    with friends i feel happy and by myself i feel calm.
    like everything makes sense and is within my grasps.
  9. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    To me, it feels like im looking through a foggy periscope. It feels like im inside my brain watching a movie in the point of view of some other person. Then my body twitches and shakes, and i get really warm. At first, its not very pleasant because everything is just kinda dizzy, then everything gets soo much better after like 5-10 minutes. Then I start to get totally used to the whole thing, bust open some music and start chillin...I've never had the munchies, i tried eating stuff when i was high, but im just never really that hungry. And thats all i gotta say 'bout that.
  10. there's so many variables...i dont think two highs are exactly much you smoke, how good it is, what you're expecting, what your state of mind is, where you are, who you're with

    its often very euphoric, i started a blog im going to post on when im under the influence of anything... its at
    when im alone i get very creative

    keep in mind i was trying to just put my thoughts down there, not trying to write deep and meaningful poetry, so don't criticize

    but i think the middle post shows how your mind runs ultra fast when you're high...but one time when im completely blaze my post will probably be a lot different
  11. crashandburn

    crashandburn Member

    Awesome job John. I will defnitely be checking out your journal. It made me laugh. Hell I might make one myself.
  12. thanks alot, its alot of fun looking back on the journal... i cant wait til i smoke like a fourth and post on there, hopefully i will put down some coherent thoughts
  13. lk_twst

    lk_twst Member

    200 pages of free writing for class, i would get baked and write random words, that shit is a lagh. Somtimes i think very deeply and think up stuff that is near genious, yes and its still genious when im strait!
  14. FREE

    FREE Member

    when i smoked weed the only really productive effect was that i suddenly got a crave to clean EVERYTHING in sight man,it was funny while i was doin it and yeah i get them little body twiches too but cleaning was my passion manhehehe

    damn im gonna make a good house pet one day,just gotta get that litter box thing down
  15. I usually smoke and then I put on my headphones, sit on my bed and listen to the music as I think and bop my head (happens naturally when ur stoned)...then as the high gets better, i usually have my skectchbook with me when i'm stoned and i write my thoughts and make litttle fucked up pictures in there as well. its so fun!!! and then i start getting paranoid and every few minutes i turn the music off for a sec to see if my parents are calling me...which is retarded because i usually smoke at night and i have a lock on my door.

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