The Earth Changes, Planet Nibiru, and the Future.

Discussion in 'The Future' started by NatureFreak412, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. NatureFreak412

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    I dont know about ur reply because I kinda see things different

    but I think that pic on ur signature is from the movie Gattaca(sp?) I love that movie, its awesome.
  2. forest_pixie84

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    I don't know who the hopi are, but that sounds realistic enough. for the most part nature reproduces itself, and our way of life in "civilization" has to be produced. So it would be easier to survive for longer amounts of time off. I think you may be looking at it too closely, I suppose it can be looked at in an extreemly literal sence, like if civilization were to fall suddenly because of some big event.

    I heard about that, and who knows. Anythings possibly. as far as humans regressing, I think that its up to us if we progress or regress, we all live life one moment at a time, and those who can't tell whether or not they're making progress, are probably not. I think it all has to do with how lazy the individual is. As "civilization" grows so do better methods of comfort and bigger entertainment. It leaves little time for thought, and sometimes drains the drive for thought.
  3. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Believe as you wish, but that's junk science. The scientific "adam" is a man we are all descended from, but wasn't the only man on earth, and was fully human. It's just that his genes (really, his variety of genes) survived better and eventually pushed out other varieties. Same goes for the scientific "eve". They were both fully human living in human societies. They are seperated in time because of random flows in gene pools. It happens that "adam's" Y-Chromosome originated around 50,000 years ago (not sure where you got 300,000), and "eve's" mitochondrial DNA version originated around 30,000 years ago. Since then each eventually took over the gene pool.

    This is why it pisses me off that the scientists used Biblical names for this, it just confuses things and leads to more junk science.

    And planet x doesn't really exist. There are some other bodies out beyond Pluto, once thought to be a large planet (based on wobbles in Pluto's and Neptune's respective orbits) but was found to be a cloud of small bodies: comets and asteroids. I don't know the ins and outs of it, but there is the Oort Cloud and the Kupiter Belt, look them up for more info. I'm very doubtful a comet with an orbit that goes from beyond the solar system to "close to earth" (whatever that means) would support life, let alone intelligent life.

    I'd also like to ask why people think "time is going faster" than before. There'd be no way to know, because if time sped up and we sped up with it, things would seem the same. The standard changes with everything else, so who can tell?

    I'm not denying everything you say (mainly just what I quoted, which is pretty out there...), in fact, I think we may be in for a radical change, both how we live, and spiritually.
  4. Wisdom in stories.

    The planet can change names. The time of events can change. The wisdom stays the same.

    I mostly agree with you Lotus Blossom - but i try not to cling to the details, but rather the essence of the story.

    I do believe that the Tsunami was the first of more catastrophe's and natural disasters to come.

    It does make sense - 90%+ of the deaths were humans. Think about it. The animals are in tune with the harmony of life, sensed it coming and ran for the hills.

    Those connected to the source will always be safe. Not an Earthquake, Tsunami or Volcano can harm you, when you are connected to the source of all that is.

    Keep seeking until you find.

  5. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    Hopi Elders pass warnings and prophecies from generation to generation through oral traditions and reference to ancient rock pictographs and tablets.

    Hopi Blue Star or Blue Kachina Prophecy
    - White Feather of the Bear Clan

    An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.

    Hopi Prophecy speaks of twin Kachinas - white and blue. Twin - Merging of Self - Twin Pyramids - DNA - Twin Towers falling.

    This is the First Sign: We were told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana -- men who took the land that was not theirs and who struck their enemies with thunder. (Guns)

    This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. (Covered wagons)

    This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. (Longhorn cattle)

    This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron. (Railroad tracks)

    This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider's web. (Power and telephone lines)

    This is the Sixth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun. (Concrete roads and their mirage-producing effects.)

    This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. (Oil spills)

    This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn our ways and wisdom. (Hippies)

    And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.

    These are the Signs that great destruction is here: The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle people in other lands - those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as the white man has made in the deserts not far from here. Those who stay and live in the places of the Hopi shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon, very soon afterward, Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in our hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.
  6. very nice!
  7. redresonant

    redresonant Member

    i feel like this has happened once before?
  8. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    I don't feel much doubt that it has happened at least once, and my current feeling is that it has happened at least four times. As I age, I find that I trust the ancient texts more than I used to. If they say it is the 5th age, well, I would not at all be surprised. One thing is for sure, and that is that in 9 500 BC, there was a very severe global cataclysm, that is not recognized by the historical establishment. The evidence is abundant, and very convincing. Why is it being ignored? I would really like to know.
  9. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    What, when the ocean levels rose from the melting ice sheets?
  10. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    You don't say .. stop the press.. more catastophes and natural disasters too come ... somebody is trying to tell us something from high up their , right ?.

    Their has been and always will be natural disasters small and large , devastating and minor calamities .. Their seems to be a hurricane or earthquake somewere in the americas every other year..I suspect this has grown ten fold since Mr Bush has been in the white house ?..:rolleyes: Karma and all ?...yeah right.

    Were animals being looked for, over humans..answer, No. Thats why even if we take your 10% as a true reflection of fact it is not suprising.. Did any anyone count up the fish and other smaller sea erchins etc that were beached ? i don't think so.

    The 'source' i don't mean to mock your beliefs or anything ( probably am though, sorry).. but i think this is nonsense. Tell this to the thousands of people that died (oh you can't) well tell this kind of logic to the berieved familys..everything would have been good and your family would not be dead , if only you were connected to the 'source'..come off it (the source that is).

    Not down your path , thanks.
  11. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    I apologise if my tone was off key.. but i was as restrained as i could be.
  12. I'll have to agree that it is probable that no one is counting fish casualties -

    And I will also update my info with a disclaimer that the percentage is probably not 100% accurate.

    However, the animals sensed it was coming and ran for the hills before it hit. Just one example, is Thailand - where elephants are used for work purposes as well as tourist attraction.

    Elephants that normally are chained down (like a dog on a leash) started flipping out and broke free of their bonds and ran for higher ground, along with birds and other animals.

    One need not count bodies of all the dead organisms to deduce that the majority of them were humans when countless other animals were seen before hand heading to higher ground.

    Matthew - thanks for your input though - you've really made me think.
  13. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    I was not writing it with malice.. and i have heard about animals sensing danger and retreating , it was just your whimsical way of thinking .. 'Source' and all ?... yeah i can agree that animals and too a certain extent humans have the ability to sense danger , i would assume it is more prevelant in animals because they still need to survive .. as we are prety much at the top of the food chain we have no need too worry or look out for trouble.. I personaly still get a strange odd feeling if i am walking down the street alone at night, like someone is following me..i think its a reaction and a reminder to look out and be aware of your(my) surounding i am just protecting myself...sometimes their is someone walking behind .. ??? The other possibility this notion of animals sensing danger is a belief shared by the people in the area so if they see elephants trying to unleash themselves and run..My logic would say it could quite possibly be that they noticed the birds who would have spotted the danger (being higher) this 'communication' drifted down through the animals and got to the elephants before humans were aware .. it realy would not have to be long for the concept of the animals 'sensing' danger for the willing to assume that the animals 'felt' danger...looking at it both ways yours and mine.. they did sense danger ... depends how you interpret 'sensing' danger.

    I mentioned small animals for the reason that millions of these little things died .. grab a glass of sea water and literaly their are billions of life within... i understand these had no oportunity to flee .. but going on your logic would these be able be connectected to 'the source'

    What does this actualy mean.. a connection to 'mother' earth ? or the notion i tried to explain earlier, wich is perfectly natural, it is instinctive...nothing spiritual just survival.
    I think i do know what your getting at , but if you explain what this 'source' is i might be able to understand your way of thinking (and agree)... or explain why i don't agree (i don't wish to be pre emptive ..ok i have been a bit already:p ).
  14. The source from which everything comes - including you.

    I'm not all knowing and I'm not into wasting energy to convince people to think like me either.

    Regarding the Tsunami specifically though - it was my understanding that most of the Tsunami wave form is actually underneath the surface of the ocean, and only rises when the force comes in contact with the shallower waters of the shore.

    I believe that all life has a faculty to connect with all other life and that some animals have the ability to sense these things before they are physically able to sense them with their eyes. I wouldn't doubt that other animals just look to those that can sense these things as you suggested.

    Regarding bacteria and microrganisms - As i said I don't have all the answers so I can only speculate. To be honest I really don't know how that would work. I would guess they came into existence with the purpose of exiting existence in that manner - just a thought - pure speculation.
  15. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Just to throw my two cents in...

    Elephants can communicate by stomping their feet...other elephants, even miles away, can feel these vibrations, it's a long distance communication, though no one really knows what's being communicated. In that context, it would make sense that the elephants felt the huge earthquake, or perhaps the approaching tsunami, and panicked.

    Being connected to the source? Maybe, if being connected to the source means being aware of your surroundings in the means available to you. I think, as someone said, this is why animals seem to have an advantage. They have to be aware to survive, and, furthermore, they don't have a million useless thoughts taking up their attention.
  16. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    No, way worse. When the sabretooth tiger, giant sloth, and wooly mammoth all went extinct, and the geological strata around the world contained charred wood. The book, "Cataclysm", by two scientists, last names Allen and Delair records the long list of what they found in their research and evidence gathering from the period around 9500 BC. Such as, Wooly mammoths frozen solid, still standing, with temperate climate plants in their digestive tracts, and big piles of smashed, shattered, and mixed together trees, bones, and rocks. And then it offers a possible cause of such destruction, which happens to also fit well with the details of many cultures ancient myths of the 'flood'.
  17. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    animals are much more advanced in every way and form than humans, except for use of the brain. humans are like a sacrifice of everything for the brain.

    also 90% of deaths were humas caus they would have only counted large animals or pets in that count, and only in the areas where they recorded deaths, like in places along beaches where people lived. millions of insects would have died, and many mice probably would have too. what other oreganisms besides fish and birds would there have been along the built-on coastline??????

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