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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by crypticnight, Dec 31, 2004.

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    I stand and my entire body feels as if its numb. For a moment I feel as if I just swallowed a tranquilizer. The moment passes and my eyes suddenly feel as if I am seeing for the first time. My body is back to feeling normal, if you can call it normal, I'm not to sure what normal is anymore. I'm walking, the sounds around me are echoing, sounding distant but distinct, I know what they are but I don't.
    Thats normal right? The forest path before me is upon the mountain and the fern are seemingly in a different dimension or is it that my eyes can see thier true form. Either way they are beautiful and frightening. Theres that sound again. The gentle hum deep and baritone, oh and I think that is a hawk calling. What is this path anyway? I feel like Im on the brink of a great discovery. I can see the adventure plain before me, but I just dont know what it is. Is that sound the rythm of the earth. I'm walking into a story but how does it go? Oh yes, boy in the mountains tripping with friends. Shit wait! where are my friends. Lets see Im on this path, oh the path. The fern are so green and the canopy of leaves above me are rustling in a passing wind. Wow! what made that sound. maybe a raccon or hmmm I dont know but it was cool. I hear a water sorce, maybe a small stream or perhaps a spring. No its the babbling brooke and I must get to it. Ive been here before but there was never water then. I follow the sounds of the babbling brooke walking through the forest. The path is gone, but the forest has created me a new one and I can still hear the water, I think that I am getting closer.
    Where the hell are my clothes. I was wearing them wasnt I? Damn its kind of hot and I think that I am lost. where was I going again. Man there it is again. I am on the brink of something great but it just wont come. I can feel some great inspiration just boiling in my soul, but it just will not sprout forth. Oh the babbling brook I hear it.
    I stop and look around me. I am in deep forest, the highest that I have been on the mountain since I came. I am surrounded by trees and the grassy forest floor. I can feel the whole space around me without moving. The grass sliding beneath my hand and moist earth slipping through fingers. The wind caresses me, and the....oh yeah the babbling brook I hear it. It must be close. I continue towards the sound, for I know that it is what called me and there before me a minature gorge opens and a flowing spring bubbles out from the ground running into the minature valley before me. I follow the water. The water is my life. I stop and there is the brook babbling and along its path is a deeper pool, just big enough to sit in, so sit I do. The water is cold but it is amazing. Every fiber of my being is satisfied. Nature and all of its enormous splendor and purity fills my soul and I am content.
    I realize that this is what is missing from my life. Simplicity. A nice soak in mountain waters on a beautiful day. That is the great concept but I knew that didnt I? The water sparkles and my skin is raised with goosebumps and I can feel every one of them on every centimeter of my body. The swirling water and my reflection, cast in the backdrop of blue skies consume me and I become the water. I am the mountain and the trees. I am god. NO! I am his son. NO! of his likeness. NO! I am born in this moment awake for the first time I am the energy, as everyone is and brothers and sisters can make a difference. Who was I?
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    Hi crypticnight, I have enjoyed to read your post

    And now image all dreams are becoming real all the time even as you create them from inside out ... so that you will recognize your own true self in each breath you take and in each step you do that resonates within, and that you will know the distractions, too, that come and go like surge to lap around your feet, and mind.

    We are what we receive, we are what we give, we are the center of it all. We are the creation, and this is not somewhere else, as we are connected to all that is. Yes very simple.

    Have a wonderful day over there
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    "The brain is designed to create realities. If you operate your own brain skillfully you can design your own realities. Learn how to communicate in the language of the brain and truly be free." - Dr. Timothy Leary

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