The Donald Trump Score Card

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MeAgain, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Disturbing, like something from the McCarthy or Nixon eras. But it is a relief there are still people that will work to get the story the public. Not sure how long that will keep us free though.
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    There are multiple layers there too. The attack on freedom of the press of course, but also, why target journalists and activists investigating the immigration situation in particular? What do they not want found out ?

    I hate to be an alarmist but between keeping curious politicians and the press away from where they're detaining children, and then makes one wonder.
    Sort of chilling to think about.
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  5. MeAgain

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    Trump's signing Bibles.
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    What else is going on?

    Trump will ask for another $8.6 billion for his wall, and $750 billion for defense while he cuts the EPA, a 70% cut in renewable energy, and $100 million for Ivanka's women's fund and a 5% cut in everything else.

    Bill Shine quits to become Trump's campaign manager. Shine was his communications director, a position he took after leaving FOX news amid allegations of sexual misconduct coverups. He got $8.4 million for leaving FOX.
    A Trump sort of guy.
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    It sounds like Mueller and Nadler have uncovered some secret payments made to Manafort's lawyers in 2017 but not declared until 2018. Some other payments came from Multi Media and some payments were moved around through some other guy with a name like Fabreeze, or something like that.
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  8. What color should the ribbon for TDS be?
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    Trump is now saying he would poll at 98% if he were to run for prime minister of Israel. He must be more popular there than in America.
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    Hmm..Iwonder what happened to the previous pm, I think his name started with N...
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    Yes, he should move out of the us, and move to israel.
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    Trump, who knows the Bible better than anyone, can sign his autograph on his favorite verse in, as he calls it, 'Two Corinthians' (a remarks received with chuckles by people he addressed who actually know the Bible) and what he thinks was named after a type of luxurious leather once used on the Cordoba automobile.
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    He was then shown the Queen of Diamonds by his handler here in the US and began repeating the phrase “Vladimir Putin is the kindest, bravest, warmest,
    most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life”
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    Trump and his ultra right wing employees are implementing a spy program to be used against poor Americans who are on Social Security Disability benefits. Trump and his pals now are using social media like Faceboob and Tweezer to look for pictures which people post on their page. If the pictures show the people fishing, or golfing, or on a bicycle then Trump wants to haul them off to face a judge. He also said that he has no problem with Paul Manafort cheating the IRS out of millions of dollars. Additionally, Trump has indicated his wish to refuse making tax returns available to Congress. Trump's Vice President Mike Pence has gone into hiding after the mayor of South Bend said something about porn, and lubricants for anal sex.
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    What happened to the national emergency?
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    Probably should take some advice from Tim Apple. Gourd above, the man is a true simpleton, even though he has "the best words,"
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    Hey Brother Scratcho, I saw the CNN show about Putin & Trump & Collusion last night. They had a stack of hard evidence concerning KOMPROMAT! This country has a serious problem.
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    Trump Proposes a Record $4.75 Trillion Budget

    Once again, the moron proposes cuts to programs that benefit the people that voted for him.
    When the hell are these people going to wake up?

    And what is Private Bonespurs fascination with the military.
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