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Discussion in 'Politics' started by MeAgain, Nov 15, 2016.

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    “No president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination,” Kavanaugh said.

    Kavenaugh is right up there with former White House physician Ronny Jackson in terms of bowing down and contributing to Trump's narcissism.

    All that's needed now is for the group of Supreme Court members to do one of Trump's circle routines where they all pay homage to him in a nationally televised public ceremony.
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    This is a phenomenon that's puzzling to me. I read an article about one of the poorer counties in Kentucky (that I'm too lazy to look for right now) where 40% or whatever of the population is on medicaid and other government assistance. But this same county voted overwhelmingly for Trump, 68% or something. These people will only lose under Trump. Coal jobs aren't coming back no matter what anyone says; that is determined by the market. The only other reason they might vote Republican is Jesus, but that still doesn't explain a vote for Trump.
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    a distinct possibility.
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    They voted for Trump because they are "fuckinstupid" and hated the idea of a half negro president. It's not any deeper than that. They don't have the attention span for anything more.
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    Trump insults Germany at NATO summit.
    Trump declares that Germany, not himself, is a "captive of Russia". I guess he has forgotten , or more likely never knew about West Germany, the Berlin air lift, or the fall of the Berlin Wall.
    Trump is upset because Germany gets one third of its energy from renewables, which Trump despises, and buys oil and natural gas from Russia. They also buy them from Norway and the UK. Germany gets oil from thirty different countries.

    At the moment the entire EU is highly dependent of Russian oil and gas. If the Russian connection is terminated the EU could last for three months on its own reserves. Trump doesn't understand that Russian oil and gas is a two way street as the Russian economy is also highly dependent on selling oil to the EU.
    This sets up a relationship that neither side wishes to upset.
    Meanwhile Germany is working to end its dependence on Russia and other countries by going Green.
    A concept that Trump hates.
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    Is one golden showers moment worth all this crap, Putin must have more on Trump than that.
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  7. MeAgain

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    Or a woman.

    Edit: fixed plural usage to singular.
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    Trump also berated NATO allies for not paying enough.
    Let's remember that the NATO alliance started in 1949, that's 69 years ago.
    And let's remember that the only time Article 5 of the treaty has been invoked was in 2001 in response to the September 11 attack on the U.S. Article 5 states that an attack on any member nation is an attack on all member nations. NATO responded unanimously, led by Germany and the Netherlands with operations in the Mediterranean, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the first time it ever acted outside of the North Atlantic.

    NATO countries have been paying more. There is no requirement as to how much each nation should spend. There is a guideline that states that each nation should spend 2% of its economy for defense of itself. Five nations do that.
    In 2014 an agreement was reached wherein all members set the goal of reaching that level by 2024. They have been moving toward that agreement. In 2016 spending increased by 3.8 %.

    So Trump throws a monkey wrench into the agreement by publicly criticizing our greatest alliance in the world. An alliance that rushed to OUR defense. Meanwhile Putin is sitting back and reaping the rewards of helping to get Trump elected. NATO is the biggest thorn in his side and he's ecstatic over Trump's NATO attacks.

    I bet he can't wait to congratulate Trump when he holds his secret meeting with him on the 16th.
    Maybe he'll give Trump one of these.
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    Or a Woman...not women. But, you still earn an "A" in my Poli Sci 405 (Grass Roots Movements and Voter Initiatives) class!
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    Jesus! The leader of Russia has the leader of America by the short hairs! Just think about it for a few minutes!
  11. Moonglow181

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    They want their "impressive" job....don't kiss his ass to kingdom will be..."You're fired..."

    I cannot believe this country has sunken this low...What a nightmare every single day....
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    You don't need to tell me what a nightmare it is.
  13. stormountainman

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    I'm thinking it's not a sex thing. I'm thinking the Russkies have hard evidence of him accepting money for New York and Las Vegas laundering.
  14. McFuddy

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    It could just be a simple matter of much of Trump's loans come out of Russia.
  15. egger

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    Trump's trade war may soon hit consumers' wallets and paychecks
    "Americans will have less disposable income," one expert predicts.
    by Ben Popken
    Jul.11.2018 / 1:55 PM ET

    Trump's trade war may soon hit wallets and paychecks


    "China vows retaliation as U.S. ups trade war ante, threatens tariffs on $200 billion of goods

    If businesses try to cover some of the costs themselves, the effect is less visible but potentially more pernicious.

    "That’s less money to hire workers, less money to invest in new facilities," said Scott Lincicome, a trade lawyer and adjunct scholar with the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank funded by the Koch brothers.

    Trump has said he is protecting American jobs and industries and safeguarding national security. History has shown, however, that while protectionist measures aim to protect industries and employment, they actually end up slowing economic growth."
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  16. Balbus

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    Here is something I posted way back in 2005

    There are people that come to the forum that I have begun to think of as national libertarians. They mix a bastard libertarianism with the whiff of nationalism about it. It is a strange mix it seems to wish to protect Americans from the effects of free market capitalism while promoting free market economics.

    Lets us look at a few of the trends I’ve noted.

    They seem to talk of the US ‘regaining’ power from international organisations and being ‘free’ once again.

    Can be isolationist

    Can be against immigration and blame immigrants for talking away ‘American jobs’ lowing educational standards and increases in taxation.

    Talk of ‘conspiracies’ undermining the ‘American’ way of life.

    Much talk of ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ and how they will bring more (without explaining what they mean)

    Claim that the present system is corrupt.

    Claim to be neither of the right or left.

    Talk of some past golden age.

    In a lot of ways it reminds me of National Socialism the underlying ideological principle might be very different but many of the buttons that the Nazis used to attract people are being pushed by the national libertarians (the Nat-libs).

    For one thing it is the scapegoating, how the two seem to blame the problems of their society on either external powers or internal ‘traitors’

    How they appeal to the elite’s while simultaneously claiming to be looking after the interests of the common people against those of those same elite’s.

    Nazis imagery was all about the past glory of the Teutonic races of the once proud power of the German volk that never really existed. The Nat-libs seem to talk a lot about the past of the founding fathers in almost reverential terms and associate it with a true ‘American’ way that never really existed since they seem to forget just what a compromise and a fudge the US constitution was.

    I’m not saying that national libertarians are Nazis or have the same views as Nazis.

    What I’m getting at is not the ideology but the methods they seem to be using to attract people to the ‘movement’.

    The National Socialist’s learnt not to dwell on their political policies they found they made a lot more headway if they appealed in other areas.

    They could never really hid the policies they espoused but they could try and camouflage them behind concepts with greater appeal such as ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’ slogans that often appeared on early Nazis posters.

    The other thing they could do was try and misdirect people by scapegoating others. Blaming all problems on a shadowy conspiracy of Jewish bankers, claiming that political opponents even the whole system was corrupted or controlled by the conspiracy, and accused the media of the day of lying to the people.

    These things seem to me to be very similar to what some so-called libertarians are doing on these very forums.

    Here are a selecting of captions that appeared on early Nazis posters.

    [Hitler] - “is ruthless in uncovering the rulers of the German economy, the international bank Jews and their lackeys, the Democrats, Marxists, Jesuits, and Free Masons!”

    "Citizens! Do not believe that the Germany of misfortune and misery, the nation of corruption and usury, the land of Jewish corruption, can be saved by parties that claim to stand on a foundation of facts. Never!"

    Freedom and food for every decent working German! The gallows for profiteers, black marketeers and exploiters, regardless of religious faith or race!

    "Germany's Liberation."

    "Freedom and Bread."

    “The big-wigs are living high on the hog, the people are wretched."

    In the early part of the 20th century socialist ideas were popular in Europe amongst those who were disillusioned with the mainstream political parties and even the system of governments of the time, which they saw as corrupt and upholding the power of vested interests. But while there were many legitimate socialist organisations there were others who were just using the guise of socialism to attract the disaffected for their own purposes.

    National Socialists may have used some of the words and ideas of regular socialism but to me Hitler’s goals had more to do with seizing power than socialist reform.


    In the US of the 21st century libertarianism seems to me to be attractive to many Americans who are disillusioned with the mainstream political parties and even the system of government, which they see as corrupt and upholding the power of vested interests.

    So while there may be legitimate libertarians I feel that there are those that might just be using the guise of libertarianism to attract the disaffected for their own purposes.

    Now this is just an impression, an opinion or a theory, and I’m not accusing all libertarians (although it is a philosophy I personally dislike) of only faking their beliefs, most are genuine (if misguided in my view). But sometimes talking to others I get the impression that just like many of the Nazis they are less interested in genuine political thought and debate and more interested in trying to misdirect and scapegoating others.
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  17. Balbus

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    Yes as I’ve said earlier like Dr Frankenstein many of the wealthy that supported the shift to the right (like the Koch brothers support for the tea party movement for example) are beginning to realise they have created a nationalistic monster that they have lost control of.

    And although many of the right leaning wealth sponsored ‘think tanks’ like the Cato might be complaining now they were part of the problem. There have been many here that have told me that after Ayn Rand the Cato was their source on economic ideas. And there would seem to be a big contradiction there because the type of nationalistic potrctionism many on the right wing base now seem to embrace would seem to be the very opposite of what neo-liberals (like the Cato) have been promoting. The thing is that many of that right wing base still seem to say they are in favour of the ‘free market’

    It is something I noted back in 2005 – “They mix a bastard libertarianism with the whiff of nationalism about it. It is a strange mix it seems to wish to protect Americans from the effects of free market capitalism while promoting free market economics

    The thing to realise here is that these people seem to want a ‘free market’ that favours them, they want ‘compertition’ but only the type of compertition that favours them and their group (and yes that often seems to come back to race for many of them). This is why what so much of what they promote seems irrational because put simply it is irrational. They claim to believe in white while what they actually say is grey at best and is often just plain black.

    It seems to me that often their only alligence to ‘free market’ ideas is that it is the opposite of the hated ‘socilaism’ of their supposed enemies.

    Ther other thing is that they also seem to see ‘free market’ ideas as part of their ‘Social Darwinist’ view of the world, again that seems to imply that their group is better than others so should be better than others.

    I get the feeling that this group have a similar view toward the US Constittuion they often claim they are great believers in it but often say things that seem to suggest that they think it great only if it favours them. Checks and balances are fine if the hinder others but not good if they stand in the way of what they want.

    That does not bode well for the future for a liberal democratic United Sates.
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  18. MeAgain

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    Trump held a press conference today in which he declared himself a stable genius.
    Here's what happened in condensed form.

    He walked into a NATO china shop yesterday with a baseball bat and smashed everything in sight.
    Then today he walked out on stage with a bunch of pieces of cups and saucers and a bottle of glue and declared that NATO is the strongest it's ever been...due to him. And every one in the room thanked him for making the world right again.

    He claimed he got them to commit to a 2% increase in NATO funding.....all due to his brilliant negotiations.
    In the real world, not Trumpland, they already made that commitment in 2006.
    The rest of the conference was typically more Trump B.S.
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  19. Meliai

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    So his usual strategy?
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  20. MeAgain

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    Create a catastrophe, blame your predecessors, make false claims about how great you are and what you accomplished, declare victory.

    Putin is licking his chops.
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