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    Do not make irrational leaps of logic. Do not assume anything. You'll just end up with a dish of crow meat.
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    Provide us with proof which clearly demonstrates Cain did not get COVID 19 at the Tulsa event. As for the shoulda woulda coulda, and that door knob, ... you can keep that within the confines of your Trumper social circle.
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  3. Because he didn't show symptoms till 10 days after Tulsa. A 74 yr old isn't going to contract the disease then not suffer symptoms for a week and a half, he most likely got infected around the 28th June

    No infections were contact traced back to the rally, it would have already made huge news if even a handful had

    It's not true simply because you want it to be true
  4. Well he supplies the Ukraine with a bunch of anti tank missiles for them to point at Russian tanks, he whacks the nastiest Iranian general, Iran are buddies with Russia

    Doesn't sound like the stuff a puppet of the Russian leader would do

    How are those Lev Parnas secret audio tapes coming btw?
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    When I posed the hypothetical question to VG whether he would attend the Tulsa Rally without wearing a mask or social distancing,
    he acknowledged he would. - interesting.
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  6. egger

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    After a brief moment of trying to appear sober, Trump has returned to his regularly scheduled, stale carnival barking about the coronavirus and whatever else is annoying him (which is just about everything).

    Donald Trump claims Anthony Fauci 'wrong' about cause of Covid-19 surge
    President again contradicts his own health expert after doctor highlights troubled US response to virus
    Edward Helmore
    Sat 1 Aug 2020 16.59 EDT
    Last modified on Sat 1 Aug 2020 17.19 EDT

    Donald Trump claims Anthony Fauci 'wrong' about cause of Covid-19 surge


    "Barron Trump attends St Andrew’s Episcopal, a private school in Potomac, Maryland, that falls under the jurisdiction of Montgomery county. “At this point the data does not suggest that in-person instruction is safe for students or teachers,” the region’s health officer, Travis Gayles, said in a statement last week.

    The virus is even making its way through the halls of Congress.

    Raúl Grijalva, an Arizona Democratic congressman, said on Saturday that he had tested positive for Covid-19 after attending a Washington DC hearing with the Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, who also tested positive and had been a vocal critic of wearing masks – just like Trump.

    The development prompted Grijalva to launch an attack on his fellow members from across the aisle.

    “While I cannot blame anyone directly for this, this week has shown that there are some members of Congress who fail to take this crisis seriously. Numerous Republican members routinely strut around the Capitol without a mask to selfishly make a political statement at the expense of their colleagues, staff, and their families,” he said."
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  8. stormountainman

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    It must not have made the news in Australia but sure hell did here in America. You need to familiarize your self with world geography.
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  9. stormountainman

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    Your pal William Barr can answer that question.
  10. egger

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    Herman Cain harbored a misguided perception of the coronavirus. He accused the media of trying to scare people away from Trump's rallies and expressed frustration about wearing face coverings.

    The media and the health community acknowledge the risks of the coronovirus and how it is exacerbated when people don't abide by social distancing guidelines. Cain didn't.

    Cain became one of the statistics that exemplifies Trump's dismissive attitude about the virus.
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  11. egger

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    The death of Herman Cain is a multiple blow and embarrassment for Trump.

    Cain's dismissive views of the coronavirus were the same as Trump, and now he's deceased because of the virus he dismissed.

    Cain was co-chairman of Black Voices for Trump, an organization that Trump needs badly to try to garner what few black votes he has remaining as a result of the strong-arm tactics he's been using against demonstrators concerned about strong-arm tactics that police have been using against blacks..
  12. egger

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    DeSantis, a close ally of Trump, has a dismissive attitude about the coronavirus that has contributed to a double emergency scenario in Florida.

    Florida prepares for dueling disasters: coronavirus and a hurricane
    By Lori Rozsa,
    The Washington Post
    August 1, 2020 | 10:01 AM

    Florida prepares for dueling disasters: Coronavirus and a hurricane |


    "The novel coronavirus is believed to spread most effectively in close, indoor spaces with lots of people and poor ventilation. Evacuation shelters can often fit that description.

    The number of cases reported each day in Florida has stayed below 10,000 over the past week, following weeks of growth to a record 15,300 on July 12.

    Kerner said Palm Beach County’s positivity rate has also been dropping. He hopes the closure of so many test sites ahead of the hurricane doesn’t reverse the trend. The county mandated that people wear masks in public places in June.

    “I hope this storm doesn’t present a bump in the road in terms of our community response,” Kerner said. “We’re starting to see the effects of robust mask-wearing and social distancing, so I’ll be reminding my constituents to remain vigilant and cognizant that this is going on in a pandemic, and we don’t want to retreat from the progress we’ve made.”

    He said facing two emergencies at once was a first for the county."
  13. egger

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    A few months ago, DeSantis was accusing the media of being alarmists about the coronavirus and made snide remarks that the situation in Florida didn't fit the narrative that the media supposedly wanted.

    At the time, Florida's coronavirus situation wasn't as bad as other parts of the country. Now it is a hotspot and DeSantis' approval rating has plummeted.
  14. Tyrsonswood

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    Yeah... DeSantis sure showed that "Lyin' Media" a thing or two... Or three...
  15. egger

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    The coronavirus deceased Herman Cain also showed the media and medical community a thing or two with his rants against social distancing and wearing face coverings.
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  16. Frostys Bar in Ohio had more covid cases than the Tulsa rally
  17. Tishomingo

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    Is that where he got it?
  18. egger

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    How superspreading is fueling the pandemic — and how we can stop it
    “Any one of us could unknowingly be a superspreader.”
    By Katherine Harmon Courage
    Updated Jul 2, 2020, 4:02pm EDT

    How superspreading is fueling the pandemic — and how we can stop it


    "We now know that, on average, people with the coronavirus infect about two other people and most actually pass the virus to just one other person, or to no one else at all.

    But some go on to infect many, many more, often before they even get symptoms. Many of these transmission chains begin with “superspreading” events, where one person (usually in a crowded indoor space) passes the virus to dozens of others. Early contact tracing studies suggest these events have been a large driver of transmission around the world. By some estimates, 10 percent of people have been causing 80 percent of new infections.

    This is one of the reasons experts are worried about large indoor events — more so than outdoor ones — causing large spikes in case numbers.

    Some of the largest superspreading events have happened aboard ships, including Navy carriers and cruise ships. But they are also happening on the ground in smaller settings, including at a church in Arkansas."
  19. egger

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    How superspreading is fueling the pandemic — and how we can stop it


    "To understand what might kick off a superspreading event, let’s review some basics about how this virus, SARS-CoV-2, spreads. Researchers have found that it often spreads through microscopic droplets created when an infected person coughs or sneezes — or even speaks — and another person breathes them in. These disease-containing droplets are a large part of the reasoning behind staying at least 6 feet away from people and wearing a mask in public.

    But scientists are finding that the virus likely also spreads through even tinier, longer-lasting aerosols particles from breathing or speaking (or flushing a toilet). These are so small they can linger in the air after an infectious person has left — and may contain infectious virus particles for up to three hours. And they may be a key element to superspreading events: An infected person could seed a poorly ventilated indoor space with virus without even getting physically close to all the people they end up infecting.

    Superspreading also appears to be more likely with SARS-CoV-2 because people typically have the highest level of the virus in their system (making them infectious) right before they develop symptoms. (This is very different from other severe coronaviruses like SARS and MERS, where people were most infectious seven to 10 days after they started feeling sick, when they were more likely to be in isolation or in medical care.) So thousands of people with active Covid-19 infections continue to go about their lives not knowing that they could be spreading the disease."
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  20. 157, 898 deaths in the US so far

    How many of them got infected initially to reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with whether they were wearing a mask or not?


    Does anyone have any idea?

    How many of them do you think were following government advice at the time they got infected?

    The vast majority of them

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