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  1. Someone needs to talk to CNBC about their fact checkers

    "The app has grown more popular during the coronavirus pandemic, with 2 billion downloads in April, according to Sensor Tower. "

    2 billion in a single month, I don't think so

    As for his supposed comments:

    "Trump made the comments while chatting with reporters on Air Force One during the flight back to Washington from Florida."
  2. "According to new reporting by Vanity Fair,"

    Sounds legit
  3. That's an annualized figure, it's more like -8.9% for that quarter

    Still, Japan's GDP slipped by half that percentage, everyone wore masks, they didn't shut down and not many people died

    How do you feel about all those "experts" now?

    Both of you, most here, supported the lockdowns

    Told you so
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    Good question
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    No, he sought medical help 9 days after Tulsa. That is typical of infected persons. They get the first signs four or five days after being exposed then decide to treat themselves at home. Then the symptoms get worse. Then they check into a hospital. You Trump followers repeat baseless white supremacist gossip which makes the rounds on websites like 4CHAN.
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    Stormy.....stating facts again..........
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    When Barak Obama was campaigning for the office of President, he told the American people that the Republicans would certainly leave them on their own when to came to government services. We have always know the Republicans -like Trump and Pence- had wished to deny poor and low income Americans government help. A large number of Americans need government help like heat assistance, food stamps, subsidized housing, and health care. Americans who are members of minority groups need a fair shot at getting a job, meaning they need anti-discrimination laws. The Republicans are against all that. President Obama told us the certainty of being kicked out to the curb. When the Republicans made laws which allowed insurance companies to deny sick people coverage, Americans got kicked out to the curb. Now during the Time of Trump, hungry Americans are being kicked out to the curb. And during the Time of Trump, Americans are being evicted from their apartments and homes, right out to the Republican curb. With Republican policies, we can be certain our government will not function properly. The Republicans do not want The American People to have government services. One thing we can be certain of is the ultra rich friends of Trump and the cronies who have committed crimes would be treated nicely.
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    Barr Makes It Official—He’s Trump’s New “Fixer”
    If and when the attorney general leaves, the Department of Justice faces a reckoning.
    08/01/2020 04:30 AM EDT

    Opinion | Barr Makes It Official—He’s Trump’s New “Fixer”


    "For decades, Trump found his family lawyers on the mean streets of New York and New Jersey, tapping the corrupt Roy Cohn and his successors, like Michael Cohen and Marc Kasowitz, to protect his interests. They quickly earned the title of “fixer” for a man whose personal and professional legal needs ultimately swelled to more than 4,000 lawsuits — bankruptcies, divorces, libel, unpaid debts, condo fees, wage disputes, and fraud, to name a few.

    Above all, there was Cohn, who gave Trump his first taste of how an unscrupulous and savage lawyer could advance his cause. The two met in 1973 when Trump was looking for someone to help defend him and the family business from one of the nation’s highest profile charges of housing discrimination at the time. That case established a symbiotic MO between Trump and his lawyers—abuse of the law, and then covering it up—that continues to this day. Trump’s latter-day lawyers, Cohen and Kasowitz, both had their ethics problems: Cohen landed in prison for his role in covering up hush money payments in violation of campaign finance laws and for lying to Congress. Kasowitz faced allegations of violating legal ethics when he briefly represented Trump in D.C. but was best known for aggressive (some might say excessive) lawsuits against Trump’s adversaries.

    Now Trump has Barr, who has become the president’s most prominent and prized fixer yet.

    Barr’s testimony demonstrated a singular blend of real pugnacity and feigned world-weariness as he defended his 18 months in office. Barr has tried to muzzle Trump’s critics, protect his friends, hide information from Congress and investigate those who investigated the president. He has also—much like Cohn and Cohen—worked as a PR agent, spinning negative information in Trump’s favor, and even using federal agents to violently clear a path through protesters before a presidential photo op."
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    Trump has cancelled rallies in Michigan, and Alabama. He blames Covid 19. While that's a good excuse, the reason trump cancelled the Michigan rally is because polling showed Biden increasing his lead there. In other words, trumpy is throwing in the towel.
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    Trump brought up Barr's name in his phone call with the Ukraine president. Trump told the Ukraine president that he would be receiving a call from Barr regarding Biden and his son who Trump was trying to smear based on discredited conspiracy narratives. It's another example of Trump using Barr as his personal fixer.
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    When Trump hired John Bolton and Fat Micky Pompeeon, people started to speak about their anti-Iran agenda. When Trump hired his son in law Kushner regardless of unfitness for the job, and inability to acquire national security clearance, people started to be attentive to a national policy that turned favorable to Israel. Israel's leader Nuttingyahoo has for a long time wanted to push America to a confrontation with Iran. Over the years he used graphs and power point displays to show Iran could have a nuke in just weeks. He even used similar display to sell a war against Iraq.

    Today with the attention of the American people focused on Coronavirus and the coming election, Trump's operators are working behind the scene, against Iran. Iran is friendly with Russia and China, and Iraq. One would think Trump might refrain from going against Putin's wishes when it comes to Iran? But, the picture is starting to form a little more clearly. There have been several bombings in Iran by terror groups, or just one terror group. The incidents have been mostly at military installation, but at least two have been at mosques. Iran is for the most part Shia Muslim and would not bomb its own Shia Mosques, or its own military installations. Iran also has a military and intelligence service which is far more advanced than Saddam had in Iraq. In their recent Operation Tondar, which translates to "thunder" in the English language, Iran's intelligence arrested some suspects in relation to the recent bombings inside their nation. They have started to call these suspects terrorists with American connections.

    It's been a while since we heard from Trump's lawyer and Ukraine evidence collector Rudy Giuliani. It seems Rudy has recently attended The Free Iran Global Summit and the NCRI, both organizations which call for removal of Iran's current government and a re-installing of the brutal Shah regime. The Shah was first installed by the CIA after the forced removal of Mossadegh who had been democratically elected. American military intervention in Iran would today be seen as a desperate attempt by Trump to disrupt the November elections. Trump is now grasping at any issue which would distract from the voter's focus on Coronavirus and health care insurance for their families.
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    Bill Barr and Steve Bannon bear a resemblance, giving the impression that they might be relatives.

    Perhaps Trump simply likes unscrupulous characters with an unkept appearance.

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  17. No, he went to the doctor's the day after showing symptoms

    He didn't get it at the Tulsa rally

    As for him getting it because of not wearing a mask, could have got it from the door handle of a hotel bathroom for all you know
  18. So Trump isn't Putin's puppet then? You mean you had that wrong the whole time?
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    Both look like Elton John.

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