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Discussion in 'Politics' started by MeAgain, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. stormountainman

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    He couldn't build it himself because he was taking a "Cognitive Test" which he "Aced" don't you know?
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  2. egger

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    White House’s Virus Task Force Will No Longer Brief Public
    By Josh Wingrove and Mario Parker
    June 19, 2020, 4:56 PM EDT

    White House’s Virus Task Force Will No Longer Brief Public


    "Kayleigh McEnany said Friday that the task force will no longer brief the public, now that the U.S. is pressing ahead with reopening its economy. McEnany said that she will relay any further information about the coronavirus outbreak, instead."
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  3. Flagme15

    Flagme15 Members

    I thought he only hired the best people.

    Has trump pardoned him yet?
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  4. Flagme15

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    Everyone wants to be a comedian.
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  5. egger

    egger Member

    That's sufficient reason for just about anyone to not vote for Trump in November, considering 137,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus.
  6. egger

    egger Member

    A massive heat dome is expected to pound the U.S. for weeks. It will likely inflict more damage on farmers who are already trying to survive Trump's tariff wars.

    Add it to the list of calamities of 2020 that includes the coronavirus and Asian giant hornets that eat bees that have already gone scarce in the U.S., which also damages those in agriculture by reducing pollination.

    Historic coast-to-coast 'heat-dome' is set to hit 265M Americans next week causing temperatures in excess of 90F and last for WEEKS
    By Luke Kenton For
    Published: 20:38 EDT, 9 July 2020
    Updated: 12:22 EDT, 10 July 2020

    Historic 'heat dome' will bake the US for WEEKS on end with more than 265M Americans set to be hit | Daily Mail Online
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  7. egger

    egger Member

    The McCloskeys are potential recipients of Trump's Presidential Medal of Freedom, the one he awarded to Rush Limbaugh (at his State of the Union address of all places)..

    The St. Louis couple who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with guns once made children cry after destroying their bee hives
    Gabbi Shaw
    July 12, 2020, 1:11 PM

    The St. Louis couple who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with guns once made children cry after destroying their bee hives


    "The article explains that, in 2013, the Jewish Central Reform Congregation constructed beehives just outside the McCloskey's mansion's northern wall. Their plan was to harvest the honey with the congregation's children to partake in the traditional Rosh Hashanah tradition of eating apples and honey to ensure a "sweet new year."

    However, these plans were ruined when Mark McCloskey destroyed the beehives and left a note stating, among other things, that the "structure constitutes a trespass," and threatened that, if the beehives were cleaned up, "a restraining order will be obtained, and we will seek damages and attorneys' fees."

    "The children were crying in school," Rabbi Susan Talve told the Dispatch. "It was part of our curriculum."

    The McCloskeys have also had various confrontations with other neighbors. Patricia was impeached from the neighborhood's trustee association in 1992 when the other trustees accused her of being homophobic. She was fighting to enforce a rule that prohibited unmarried couples from moving into Portland Place — her husband claimed it wasn't about gay couples, just any unmarried couple.

    "They've always been part of the problem, never part of the solution," said one neighbor, Robert Dolgin."
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  8. egger

    egger Member

    Trump can't fire directly Fauci, so he chooses to kneecap him.

    Trump Admin Transitions From Ignoring to Undermining Anthony Fauci
    By Matt Stieb
    July 12, 2020

    Trump Administration Transitions From Ignoring to Undermining Anthony Fauci


    "In a time of dismal presidential polling, Fauci’s popularity is probably not sitting well with Trump either. With Trump’s approval rating at its lowest since the 2019 government shutdown, he is trailing Joe Biden by five points in Texas, according to a poll from the Dallas Morning News and UT Tyler. While a recent New York Times/Siena College poll found that just 26 percent of voters trusted the president for information on the coronavirus, 67 percent trusted Fauci — perhaps, in part, because the NIAID head has been willing to admit that managing a virus new to the planet has been a work in progress.

    As the White House reportedly hopes that Americans will “grow numb” to the coronavirus, Fauci’s efforts to broadcast sound public health advice continue to make him a target for a presidench defined by its commitment to removing dissent. But as a federal official, Fauci is immune to a direct firing from the president, meaning that the White House will most likely continue to bad-mouth its most popular and most public expert as the pandemic surges."

  9. Look on the bright side, all the people that die of heat exhaustion, you can all add to the covid tally
  10. Which is a nice way of saying Fauci was clueless
  11. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Yeah .... He should have known everything about this COVID shyt 30 years ago. Right?
  12. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed and Confused Staff Member Super Moderator

    The people that attack Fauci are clueless as they have no conception of how science and scientist work.

    Science and and scientists often make mistakes. But unlike blind cult followers they admit their mistakes, learn from them, and adjust their actions accordingly.

    A Novel coronavirus is, well..... a "new pathogen of a previously known type".
    You expect Fauci to be all knowing about it at the start, like Trump.

  13. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    This morning on CNN the guy said Trump's Administration reminded him of a Mel Brooks movie.
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  14. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    After we heap all the Klansmen, all the White Nationalists, White Supremacists, Proud Boys, Identity EVROPA, Nationalist Workers Party, Boogaloo Boys, and the other minor gun nuts all in one detention center.
  15. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Members

    The Producers ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  16. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    Notice Trump has not demanded the Sage Brush Rebellion ranchers return all the millions they borrowed in USDA loans. This is while he says Unemployed Americans don't deserve an extension of their weekly benefits pursuant the Coronavirus economic catastrophe, which in his mind is a danger to only Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.
  17. egger

    egger Member

    White House turns on Fauci as disaster grows out of aggressive state openings
    Stephen Collinson Profile
    Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN
    Updated 8:34 AM ET, Mon July 13, 2020

    White House turns on Fauci as disaster grows out of aggressive state openings - CNNPolitics


    "President Donald Trump is meanwhile highlighting claims that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, doctors, media and the Democrats are lying about the country's pandemic -- the world's worst -- in order to crush the economy on which he is relying for reelection.

    The new campaign of deception is accelerating a day after Florida recorded the highest-ever single daily caseload of new infections for any US state and as the daily total of confirmed cases nationwide hits a staggering 60,000. The surge is raging across southern and Western heartlands, also including Texas, Georgia and Arizona which tried to get back to normal before the curve of infections was suppressed. The resulting torrent of new cases is exposing Trump's call for early openings, embraced by many Republican governors in defiance of CDC guidelines, as one of the worst political and economic decisions in modern history.

    But the White House is not learning from its past mistakes as it steps up an aggressive push to get schools fully operational within weeks, after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos failed repeatedly to outline a plan to do so safely in a CNN interview Sunday."
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  18. Wash your hands don't wash anything else, maintain 6ft of social distancing we knew the whole time was inadequate indoors, wear any kind of face mask even though we had a whole heap of data early on from contact tracing that showed transmission was occuring in apartment buildings from contact surfaces, never mention viral load, sunlight or eye protection

    Yeah right, this is your expert?
  19. hotwater

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    Funny I would have chosen High Anxiety
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  20. egger

    egger Member

    He wants a full-blown, in-person, reopening of all schools.

    Trump needs to show his plan for reopening schools safely instead of using his extortion tactic of threatening to take away federal money.

    White House turns on Fauci as disaster grows out of aggressive state openings - CNNPolitics


    "Many school districts have been working on plans for months. They are finding that most schools simply lack the space to have all students back at the same time and ensure adequate social distancing. Scott Brabrand, the superintendent of schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, told CNN's Dana Bash that he would need an additional five Pentagon's worth of space to accommodate all students under such conditions. This kind of issue, to which the administration has offered no answers, is why some physicians view the White House's calls for full classrooms within weeks as a fantasy."
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