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    And better shots than MOST Repubs. How many can kill deer running & leaping at full tilt?? A white supremacist wouldn't stand a chance. Most are FAT, BEER BELLIED, SHAKY (because of all the drinking they do). Easy pickings!!
    If any white supremacist/Aryan/Nazi wants to start shooting ……………….. they ought to know that there are others that are MUCH better shots than they are. And they're white. See above sentence. ^^^^^

    How many white Americans have fathers, uncles, grandfathers, brothers - who fought against the Nazi's in WW 2?? After all the shit they caused the world ……………….why would ANY American (of any skin color) worth drawing a breath stand with - and fight with - these same turds today???

    If the shooting starts ……………. I'll be shooting AT THEM!!
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    I hope to God they get "leaked" out!!! My wife swears Melania is going to shit-can Rump as soon as he's out of office. I hope she sues the underwear off him in divorce court.
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    So there should be a war then?
  4. egger

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    An article about the history of Trump's use of social media. His tweet rate increased sharply and his tone went negative in 2011, the same year that Obama roasted him at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

    The Little-Known Story of Donald Trump’s First Tweet
    By P.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking
    October 2, 2018 7:00 AM EDT

    The Little-Known Story of Donald Trump’s First Tweet


    "But in 2011, something changed. The volume of Trump’s Twitter messages quintupled; the next year, it quintupled again. More were written in the first person, and, most important, their tone shifted. This @realDonaldTrump was real. The account was also real combative, picking online fights regularly — comedian Rosie O’Donnell was a favorite punching bag—and sharpening the language that would be- come Trump’s mainstay. His use of “Sad!,” “Loser!,” “Weak!,” and “Dumb!” soon reached into the hundreds of occurrences. Back then, it still seemed novel and a little unseemly for a prominent businessman to barrel into online feuds like an angst-ridden teenager. But Trump’s “flame wars” succeeded at what mattered most: drawing attention.

    As the feed became more personal, it became more political. Trump issued screeds about trade, China, Iran, and even Kwanzaa. And he turned President Barack Obama, whom he’d praised as a “champion” just a few years earlier, into the most prominent of his celebrity targets, launching hundreds of bombastic attacks. Soon the real estate developer turned playboy turned reality show entertainer transformed again, this time into a right-wing political power. Here was a voice with the audacity to say what needed to be said, all the better if it was “politically incorrect.” Not coincidentally, Trump began to use the feed to flirt with running for office, directing his Twitter followers to a new website (which had actually been created by his lawyer Michael Cohen)., it asked.

    The technology gave Trump immediate feedback, both validation that he was onto something and a kind of instant focus-testing that helped him hone and double down on any particularly resonant messages. Resurrecting an old internet conspiracy, Trump attacked not just Obama’s policies but his very eligibility to serve. (“Let’s take a closer look at that birth certificate.”) The online reaction spiked. Together, Trump and Twitter were steering politics into uncharted territory.

    Through social media, Trump was both learning how the game was played online and creating new rules for politics beyond it. All those over-the-top tweets didn’t just win fans. They also stoked an endless cycle of attention and outrage that both kept Trump in the spotlight and literally made him crave more and more."
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  5. egger

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    The Mississippi governor promptly signed the bill.

    Mississippi governor signs bill to retire flag with Confederate emblem - CNNPolitics
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  6. stormountainman

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    There already is one. The Boogaloo Boys and the Supremacists already started it. The 211 Crew calls it RAHOWA ... short for racial holy war.
  7. stormountainman

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    The Republican controlled Senate has just removed a provision from a bill. The provision would have required presidential campaigns to report offers of help from foreign nations. It sounds like Trump is counting on more help from Russia and the Ukraine. He also got a court order to stop his niece from publishing a book which has interesting information about him. He has it blocked just like the John Bolton and Michael Cohen books. I wonder what it is he has to hide. He must have more to hide than just his taxes.
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  8. egger

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    Virtual presidential debates would have the advantage that Trump couldn't bully by breaking the rules and talking out of turn over the other candidate.

    Virtual Presidential Debates? We Had One in 1960
    By Frank J. Donatell
    May 20, 2020

    Virtual Presidential Debates? We Had One in 1960 | RealClearPolitics


    "A moderator who ran the proceedings and didn’t lecture the candidates. This was due in no small part to the absence of an audience and the fact the moderator didn’t have to police candidates interrupting and talking over each other.

    A format that emphasized substance. Candidates were asked alternating questions. The first candidate had 2 ½ minutes to answer and the second a rebuttal of 90 seconds. You can say quite a bit in that amount of time. These two future presidents revealed a lot about actions they would take later when in office. Nixon answered a question about the gold standard, for instance. Eleven years later, he would sever the historic link between the dollar and gold. At another point, he seemed to accept the logic of the so-called “Domino Theory,” which held that unmet Communist aggression against one country would invite further aggression. Kennedy repeatedly vowed to oppose Chinese Communist aggression in Asia, laying the predicate for ultimate U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

    They were products of the times, but Kennedy and Nixon answered questions substantively and with very few attacks on the other. At one point, both seemed to scold former President Harry Truman for his harsh language about Nixon and the Republicans. Nixon opined that a president had an obligation not to lose his temper in public and, ironically, that he should seek to bring “decency and good language” to the office."
  9. Lolz, when you plan ahead for the rest of the world to turn to crap:

    ‘Dangerous and disorderly’: PM’s warning on post-COVID world

    "Prime Minister Scott Morrison will warn Australians to prepare for a more “dangerous and disorderly” post-COVID world as he announces a $270 billion cash splash today on long-range maritime missiles and land strike capabilities as tensions with China intensify.

    The Prime Minister will issue a blunt warning that tensions are rising across the region, citing recent border clashes between India and China and tensions in the South China Sea.

    “The risk of miscalculation – and even conflict – is heightening,’’ the Prime Minister warns."
  10. 130,000 is consistent with 1.1 million is it?
  11. Balloons filled with soy milk would make excellent projectiles
  12. Tyrsonswood

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    Dude.... You running out of material to work with here? None of this makes any sense what so ever.....
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    NO - there should NOT be a civil war. But the way some of these assholes are stirred up, I wouldn't put it past some of them to take some shots. When we have Rump, and the likes of Hush Bimbo, Alex Jones, and the rest of the hyper-alt-right radicals screaming that the Constitution is being trampled - the truly gullible folks might very well start shooting. I'd first ask this question - If the Constitution is being trampled right now ………… who's in power in the White House?? He's the one trying to end-run Congress and squash all info that would make things TRANSPARENT. What is he hiding that he tries so adamantly to keep hidden and covered up??

    And if those dolts think having to wear a facemask to avoid spreading Covid-19 is stripping away their Constitutional rights ………………. many folks HAVE to wear them at work in construction (me), in factories, the medical professions, operating rooms, haz-mat events and locations, etc. Guess what?? The Constitution still stands and we didn't piss our pants like little girls and then try to act like big tough guys, as these dolts do.

    My advice?? GROW UP. ( and I'm NOT talking about you, Tyrsonswood!!! )
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    Sounds like an instigator.
  15. Flagme15

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    He's grasping at straws again.
  16. 1.1 million dead by August in the US was initially thrown out there March 10

    The last two were sarcasm, although I wouldn't be surprised if rabid lefties started throwing soy or plant based products in a fight
  17. We can test the first with a payload of quality baby formula to send to China

    I think the ultimate point being it will be a different world after 2020, and we can count on the likes of India, just as much as the US to lob a few Missiles China's way when needed

    Also, knowing Australian scientists and engineers, Aussie made missiles will be accurate as fuck
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    Trump is increasingly angry with China about the coronavirus.

    Like he did in Arizona, he can hold more super-spreader rallies with students to invoke more bigotry by referring to it with names such as the Kung-Flu to the cheers of students.

    Trump gives himself emotional gratification at the moment at the expense of further spreading the virus and crippling efforts to control it, which cripples his campaign.

    Trump says he is becoming 'more and more angry at China' over spreading virus
    By Justine Coleman
    06/30/20 08:10 PM EDT

    Trump says he is becoming 'more and more angry at China' over spreading virus

    "Donald J. Trump
    As I watch the Pandemic spread its ugly face all across the world, including the tremendous damage it has done to the USA, I become more and more angry at China. People can see it, and I can feel it!"
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