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  1. egger

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    Trump said that if Biden doesn't complete the border wall, the public would revolt.

    A preponderance of the evidence shows that Trump's wall is low on the public agenda with most not in favor of it.

    Congress, including the Republicans, was clearly not in favor of it. Trump failed at convincing Congress to appropriate money for it, which is why Trump had to resort to declaring a (fake) national emergecy and repurpose military money to pay for it. A federal appeals court has ruled that his repurposing is illegal.

    It's another instance of Trump not being in touch with reality and worried that his monument wall might not be completed if he isn't reelected.

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  2. egger

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    Trump packaged his border wall in the wrong manner. His bigoted, anti-immigrant persona poisoned a view that the public once had that a border wall might be useful.

    Now Trump is becoming so desperate that he's trying to coerce Biden to finish the wall for him because he claims that the public will revolt against Biden when he is the new president if he doesn't complete it.

    Americans Used to Support a Border Wall. What Changed Their Minds?
    By Emily Ekins
    This article appeared in the The Federalist on January 14, 2019.
    January 14, 2019

    Americans Used to Support a Border Wall. What Changed Their Minds?


    "There are useful lessons here about how Americans changed their minds on the border wall. Facts and numbers about the cost-ineffectiveness of building a 2,000-mile wall across diverse geological terrain were available before 2015 and did not change many minds. Telling people that it costs money the country doesn’t have didn’t work. Explaining that unauthorized immigration will still continue despite a tremendous amount of money spent also hasn’t been particularly persuasive.

    Instead, many people changed their minds about a border wall when they came to view it as a symbol of exclusion and animus toward immigrants and racial minorities and thus immoral. While many advocates of the border wall insist the wall is a humanitarian cause and is necessary for border security, they are talking past those who view it as a racialized symbol.

    Perhaps there’s something to be learned here. Sometimes persuasion requires more than simply facts and reason. But persuasion needs the flavor of righteousness for people to care enough to change their minds and for it to stick."
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  3. egger

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    The coronavirus has crippled Trump's ability to implement his agenda. An example is the damage that the virus and Trump's lackluster reponse inflicted onto the economy, the only metric that Trump has scored higher than 50% approval consistently.

    Another example concerns migrant children in dentention centers that are susceptible to the virus. Court rulings against Trump stemming from the virus can spoil Trump's desire to maintain a strongarm persona against outsiders.

    Government must release migrant children in detention centers because of coronavirus, judge orders
    Dennis Romero
    Published Sat, Jun 27 202012:23 AM EDT
    Updated Sat, Jun 27 202012:57 AM EDT

    Government must release migrant children in detention centers because of coronavirus, judge orders
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  4. egger

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    The White House should have used a bird from North Korea or Russia. It likely would have been fond of Trump instead of attacking him.
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  5. egger

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    The American eagle attacking Trump is reminiscent of the adorable, fuzzy, tribble creatures on Star Trek instinctively being able to recognize a Klingon and squeak loudly at one. The Klingons would shy away from the tribbles, like Trump cowering away from the eagle.

    Animals sometimes seem to be able to instinctively recognize an adversary.
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  6. egger

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    Pence's visits to FL and AZ have been postponed due to a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

    Trump's visit to NJ was canceled. Speculation is that it was because of a quarantine that Gov. Murphy ordered for visitors from other states that have been experiencing a resurgence of the virus. Trump denies it and says he's staying in DC to preserve law and order.

    Trump Campaign Postpones Pence Events In Arizona And Florida After Coronavirus Spikes

    Trump says he canceled New Jersey trip to ensure 'law & order is enforced' in Washington, DC
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  7. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    He's being Bunker Boy again?
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  8. egger

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    The 'law and order' Trump has repeatedly used copyrighted music without permission.

    Rolling Stones Working With BMI to Stop Trump’s Use of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ at Rallies
    BMI says that campaign usage is covered by a Political Entities License, and songwriters can deny use. The Stones are threatening to sue if Trump persists.
    By Chris Willman
    June 27, 2020

    Rolling Stones Working With BMI to Stop Trump’s Use of Song at Rallies – Variety
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  9. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    The net worth of The Stones is more than Trump's... They can hire better lawyers.
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  10. egger

    egger Member

    It's consistent with Trump's obsession with not wanting to see an empty seat at his rallies.

    Video appears to show Trump campaign removing social-distancing stickers in Tulsa
    Washington Post shares clip of volunteers apparently pulling stickers saying ‘do not sit here’ from seats in BOK Center
    Guardian staff
    Published on Sat 27 Jun 2020 17.16 EDT

    Video appears to show Trump campaign removing social-distancing stickers in Tulsa


    "The story was originally reported in Billboard magazine, which said thousands of the stickers were removed. Billboard quoted Doug Thornton – a senior executive at the firm that owns the BOK Center – as saying: “They also told us that they didn’t want any signs posted saying we should social distance in the venue.”

    Trump’s Tulsa rally was held as coronavirus cases were rising in Oklahoma and sparked widespread condemnation from local health officials, as well as the president’s critics.

    Since the rally, eight Trump staffers have tested positive for the virus and many more have been directed to self-quarantine. On Friday night, according to ABC News, campaign staff who were in Tulsa were emailed and told they “are required to obtain a negative Covid-19 test this weekend”"
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  11. egger

    egger Member

    Trump's remarks to the governor of North Carolina sum up his obsession with the appearance of packed attendance which far exceeds any concerns about people spreading the virus.

    Workers removed thousands of social distancing stickers before Trump’s Tulsa rally, according to video and a person familiar with the set-up
    By Joshua Partlow and Josh Dawsey
    June 27, 2020 at 3:05 p.m. EDT


    "Trump had told Gov. Roy Cooper during a May 29 phone call that he would not hold a socially-distanced convention in Charlotte because he had never had an empty seat since he came down the escalator at the start of his presidential campaign in 2015."
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  12. egger

    egger Member

    Trump Says Biden Will Finish the Border Wall: There Would Be a ‘Revolution If They Didn’t’
    Darragh Roche
    June 26, 2020

    Trump Says Biden Will Finish the Border Wall: There Would Be a ‘Revolution If They Didn’t’


    "President Donald Trump has claimed that former Vice President Joe Biden will finish the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border if he wins the presidential election in November. Trump warned that Biden would have to finish construction or face the consequences.

    “What he wants open borders, he wants people pouring into our country, and he wants, you know, drugs and all the other problem,” Trump told Fox 10 Phoenix during his visit to a section of the wall in Arizona.

    “You’ll never solve it without this,” he said. “No, he’ll complete it. You’d have a revolution if they didn’t do it.”

    “People are so happy with it,” the President said. “And this is a large piece but wherever we have the wall, it just stops a dead. You can’t get over it. It stops at dead.”"
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  13. egger

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    Trump can build walls, issue orders to curtail visas, and mock the virus as the China virus and Kung Flu to the delight of his bigoted faithful, but the market realities persist in spite of his attempts to throw a wrench in the global gearbox.

    Urged by Trump to Decouple, U.S. Companies Want More China Faster
    Brendan Murray. Bloomberg
    June 28, 2020

    Urged by Trump to Decouple, U.S. Companies Want More China Faster


    "With the extra speed comes a price that’s as much as double the cost of standard transpacific service, which is already skyrocketing because the world’s biggest shipping companies have scaled back capacity by about 25% this quarter and may cut it 10% in the third quarter, according to industry observers. They’re downshifting because broadly they see demand recovering only slowly and plenty of fog on the global economic horizon.

    But for now, shipping demand from some companies remains brisk, justifying the added import cost of fast delivery to meet the burst of online shopping for everything from protective medical gear to baby pools for the backyard.

    Haifa, Israel-based Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., which operates the Melina, Honolulu-based Matson Inc. and CMA CGM SA of France are among those offering the express service between China and the U.S. — the kind of links that show the difficulty President Donald Trump faces to achieve a “complete decoupling” of the worlds largest economies and bringing production back home."
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  14. Flagme15

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    He lost me at "some"
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  15. egger

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    Another rmilitary-themed 4th of July event for Trump in 2020 at U.S. taxpayer expense.

    1,700 troops will support Trump's 4th of July celebration plans, Pentagon says
    Savannah Behrmann, USA TODAY
    Published 9:28 p.m. ET June 26, 2020
    Updated 12:05 p.m. ET June 28, 2020

    Pentagon: 1,700 troops will support Trump's July Fourth celebration


    "WASHINGTON – The Pentagon announced Friday that for the second year in a row, the Department of Defense will provide troops and substantial support to President Donald Trump's expanded Independence Day celebrations.

    About 1,700 troops will provide support to the Department of the Interior with "Salute to America" celebrations in Washington, D.C., as well as flyovers of other cities, including New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Lt. Col. Chris Mitchell, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a statement.

    "The highlight of this year's celebration will be our salute to the Great Cities of the American Revolution.," Mitchell said. "The flyovers will begin in Boston and proceed to New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore. From there they will join other Department of Defense and heritage aircraft in the Salute to America over our nation's capital.""
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  16. unfocusedanakin

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    Trump voters seem hyper focus on respect. America needs more of it yet they will fail to see what a huge deal this is. No one thinks America is worth anything. You are basically Russia now. A country to be kept at arms length where you secretly plan for war because they are just too unstable and they have no human rights.

    Think of all the money and good will lost to nationalism. Since WW2 ended it's been kind of unspoken. America is Europe's friend they will send the army to keep the Soviets away. We may tease them for their big cars and guns but they are a friend. Not the case anymore. And this hurts America just as much because we no longer have key points of defense.

    Putin has what he wants. He could roll his tanks though Berlin tomorrow and all Fox news would do is blame it on the Muslims while praising Trump for being too smart to get involved.

    Do not assume US still aspires to be a world leader, Merkel warns

    The rest of the world can no longer take it for granted that the US still aspires to be a global leader and needs to readjust its priorities accordingly, Angela Merkel has warned.

    “We grew up in the certain knowledge that the United States wanted to be a world power,” the German chancellor said in an interview with a group of six European newspapers, including the Guardian.

    “Should the US now wish to withdraw from that role of its own free will, we would have to reflect on that very deeply.”

    Merkel, the first German leader to have grown up on the eastern side of the iron curtain, has in the past frequently spoken of her admiration for the US’s global influence. When she spoke in front of Congress in 2009, Merkel rhapsodised about the “incredible gift of freedom” bestowed on eastern Germans with the US-supported toppling of the Berlin Wall.

    But even during Barack Obama’s presidency Merkel saw her government repeatedly chided for its low military spending – criticism that intensified under Donald Trump, who recently confirmed plans to withdraw 9,500 American troops from bases in Germany.

    In an interview with the Guardian, Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung, France’s Le Monde, Spain’s La Vanguardia, Italy’s La Stampa and Poland’s Polityka, Merkel said the US military presence in central Europe was in the US’s own interest.

    “American troops in Germany help to protect not only Germany and the European part of NATO but also the interests of the United States of America,” the chancellor said.

    Talking of Germany’s military spending, Merkel said: “We in Germany know that we have to spend more on defence; we have achieved considerable increases in recent years, and we will continue on that path to enhance our military capabilities.”

    But “reflecting very deeply” for Merkel does not appear to amount to an endorsement of what the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has called European “strategic autonomy”, the ability to defend the continent without reliance on the US.

    “Look at the world; look at China or India,” Merkel said. “There are compelling reasons to remain committed to a transatlantic defence community and our shared nuclear umbrella. But of course Europe needs to carry more of the burden than during the cold war.”

    Asked if Germany underestimated the threat posed by Russia, Merkel acknowledged a pattern of belligerent behaviour, citing “misinformation campaigns” and the murder of the Chechen exile Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin, which German prosecutors accuse Moscow of having ordered.

    “The murder in Berlin’s Tiergarten park is a serious incident, obviously, the blame for which is currently being ascertained in court”, the chancellor said. “At any rate, we recognise hybrid warfare, methods of destabilisation, as a Russian behaviour pattern.”

    “On the other hand, there are good reasons to keep engaging in constructive dialogue with Russia. In countries like Syria and Libya, countries in Europe’s immediate neighbourhood, Russia’s strategic influence is great. I will therefore continue to strive for cooperation.”
  17. egger

    egger Member

    A massive Sahara dust cloud hits southern U.S. creating respiratory problems on top of those caused by the coronavirus.

    It's another in a string of bad events for Trump that shows the connectivity of the global world.

    The Trump faithful have another reason to protest against wearing a face covering and to promote a border wall to keep out the foreign Sahara dust.

    Saharan dust cloud hits Southern states in U.S. already struggling with coronavirus surge
    Florida in particular faces a greater risk from the dust as the state experiences record-breaking coronavirus numbers, its ICU capacity under 25 percent.
    By Doha Madani
    June 28, 2020, 5:14 PM UTC

    Saharan dust cloud hits Southern states in U.S. already struggling with coronavirus surge


    "Experts told NBC News that people with respiratory illnesses could see their conditions aggravated by the dust particles, potentially putting a strain on hospitals already overrun with coronavirus cases.

    Florida in particular faces a greater risk as the state experiences a record-breaking surge in new coronavirus cases and it’s adult intensive-care unit availability is at about 24 percent, according to state data Sunday. There are more than 141,000 coronavirus cases in Florida as thousands test positive each day."
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  18. egger

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    Expected Trump response: "I built the greatest dust storm detector in the world but don't want the results released to the public because it makes me look bad."
  19. unfocusedanakin

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    Anyone ever notice Trump is never at fault it's always you who reads too much into it?

    The idea is laughed at you are stupid because he is joking
    He said something plane as day and you are too stupid to get it
    He makes a statement that racists love but you misheard it

    If he was in a staff meeting he would be called out for not standing on his own two feet and risking being wrong he is the guy who always swears he was about to say that. I think it's part of the narcissism. First he can't stand to not be loved and second he is smart enough to understand how much it divides.

    His voters will defend this since "he personally did not say it so how can be racist?". The divide will get deeper and more and more they will feel isolated and have only him. He gets votes because these people feel powerless in society so in a way the man coming down on Trump is just more confirmation they are right.

    Why you shouldn't believe Trump missed a guy chanting 'white power' in the video he shared - CNNPolitics
  20. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    He's in the news all the time but when he is he seems more component. No one is denying he's an old man but too many people use age only when it's convivnet for them.
    With Biden and Sanders from the right wing it's nothing but they are old and senile. Bernie was always on point and Bidin is somewhat forgetful at times but lucid. They would pass a nurse's test and no one is going to take their car keys. They could be at that point 6 months into the presidency. It's part of life and genetics but it only applies to the left.

    The same people think Trump is ageless even when any medical or health professional would a chat with his kids if he was just the average old American living alone. He shows true mental deterioration and he's now struggling to even hold a glass of water steady. Even compared to 2016 when he was already showing these sings more than Hillary he's gotten worse. He's so insecure he talked about this for a while at his last rally. He's been exposed. Since day one his aids have said he's a confused old man and the lack of admitting his mortality just shows how deep his cult is. Leaders get old and die. Trump is at the point now where were this the Middle Ages he would be killed so his son could be the competent leader or he'd be a political tool used to make deals he did not fully understand. Kind of what Putin has done I guess. What he would not be doing is leading. Too many advisors would not allow it after the choices he has made and with the rivals he made. Dictators get a few more rights in old age though good thing for Trump. That's his goal.
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