The Cycle of Ignorance

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    Set upon the ranks of power
    The clock of doom shall toll the hour
    Of greed, death, corruption and war,
    Just what the plutocrats bargain for.
    Destruction of nations is the consequence
    Of the common man's ignorance.

    Though some are quick to lay the blame
    On the fallen souls of elitist fame;
    Albeit they're enveloped by greed and power,
    It is the accusers who are the sour,
    For they are just as guilty.
    For excercising their complacency
    In regards to their commonwealth
    The result will be the degradation of their nation's health.

    Across the tides of history
    There is little mystery,
    That the passage of empires we've learned to forget
    Will inevitably be our chief regret.
    As the wheel continues to make its rigid revolutions,
    The distribution of knowledge is the only solution.

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