The Craziest trip off something that sounds so dumb

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Chrisfromohio182, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So i was told to take about 15 motion sickness pills to trip,And i didnt believe it at all...That was till i did it.i had trails..I talked to myself..I couldnt sleep i saw so much shit.It was crazy.Had to keep myself out of a bad trip sometimes.Ive done 20 also and that was probley the worst for i wouldnt advise it because its a total diffrent feeling then anything else.
  2. dyphenhydramine is one of the few things which can cause "true" hallucinations. Also its pretty dangerous at higher doses. And it VERY bad for your liver among other things. You should look it up on erowid.
  3. well i hope im fine i think in total ive done anywhere between 70-80 in my life
  4. Mr.Writer

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    i used to abuse this as a coping mechanism for my depression, way back when i was barely even smoking weed

    i just liked that it would knock me out for large chunks of the day. it was like Death-lite, and i was walking around hoping to die at every moment

    not that fun and probably why i've had liver problems since then

    hah holy shit i just checked out the erowid page for this and under effects it says 'appreciation of music' and that just brought back a very important memory of my experience with that drug. music was freaking AMAZING, as potentiated (if you get what i mean) as by ketamine/dxm! it was NUTS


    fuck i gotta do this once now

    maybe tomorrow
  5. Well I haven't taken dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) but I've taken 18 diphenhydramine (Benadryl) like most of the others here. It's the only time I've ever really completely hallucinated. Also the patterns and auditory hallucinations were ridiculous. But I'd imagine entire scenarios, or people/objects that weren't there and then not be able to recall if these things were real or not. My friend and I weren't sure if we saw his dad's slippers walking by under the door a few times throughout the night. Then we couldn't remember if his dad had come in the room and we had talked to him in person. It turned out we never talked to him and there was literally zero space under the door (not near enough to see slippers).

    It's a great mind trip, but only the trip. The physical feeling is pretty terrible. It starts off pretty neutral (sometimes even a good feeling) but your mind gets extremely tired and you start breathing really deep with this terrible taste in your throat. I enjoyed the overall craziness of the trip (we'd laugh at how stupid we were and how stupid our hallucinations were), but that can be annoying to some people in itself.
  6. no thanks

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