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    i used to write down my dreams all the time, so i thought i'd englighten you all with them!

    ok, i was in my room, and monsters were coming from far away in the clouds of a storm, and when the monsters came near my room i killed the one with a huge emu head, with a small spear thing. i said goodbye to my whole family (because i thought we were all going to die), and i couldnt find my pet chicken pushette, and got really upset. then i found all types of things i could kill the monsters with, like plastic spears and arrows, but there too many monsters so something happened and i was in a castle instead. i rode a horse, and i met a hot stable guy who worked there who looked 25 but was really 17 and in my dream i was thinking (wow if i had known that sooner... ) so i rode the horse, then took it into the castle, got loads of different horse brushes (i can remember which ones too! dont know the names of them though), put the horse away, went into my castle room and found these girls looking at my diary, and i was like "theres nothing there so i dont give a fuck" and they looked all angered.

    in another dream, a baby deer got tranquelized, and me and josh (little flower) found flowers and made a new field in a desert out of dafodills for the deer’s ghost (which was now an adult) and for loads of other deer. then this hunter Dude with whiskers killed himself with a gun, because he was the one who tranquelized the deer. then my sister Claire sang some songs, then stopped half way through one. I was at a table - on a boat - with a guy I knew (it was in Russia) and a guy I didn’t know, he went to the toilet and I took off my bag (for some reason i remember I had a skirt on). Me and tim (my brother) fought over some ecream (which tasted horrible) and cake. my bf at the time, Jordan was there, and was proud that he drank some lucozade.

    in another i was a Little black foal running all over a huge house with other horses, being chased by these hunters, who kept killing the other horses, but i escaped.

    Me and barney, my ex now, were going to swim. Josh and Jordan there. Barney goes in to the pool (dark and small pool), and I go to put on my bikini, with Jordan there. Me and Jordan are crossing a bridge, and some terroists plant a bomb, me and Jordan run for our lives as a tidal wave comes. Jordan drops oyster card and runs back for it, I scream at him to not go back and run back to help him. Jordan holds card up to his face to stop the tidal wave from hitting him. We miss the tidal wave (somehow) and go to have a hot shower. Me and Jordan terrified, Jordan tries to kiss me, I just stare at him. Have shower, see other people having showers. Settings: like in alladin :p

    im flying to a football picnic in Richmond park. Josh and her family are there. Josh’s mum made me a salmon sandwhich, which I didn’t want. Josh’s sister has a plate of salmon in black sauce, and doesn’t like the look of it. I tell her its nice, though it looks horrible. Suddenly i am a little girl walking along with the guy from “stormbreaker” in the middle of the night. He runs away, really fast, and i, as the little girl, carries on walking. A peodophile follows me, making weird noises, but i don’t see what he looks like though. Dream changes, am in a spaceship with the guy from stormbreaker. He completes all these mazes and puzzles on the screen of the ship, really quickly. and im very impressed.

    Me and jonny (brother) swim towards the middle of a swimming pool to get a prize. I get there first (only just) and try to pick up the prize in the middle. Its all squidgy, and turns into a squid. I rip it apart or something, and then im in the middle of this huge field, with a lake. Cant find pushette (my chicken) and i get really scared. then i find half a tomato and some cheese, and decide that pushette had obviously been there. Go around calling her, and find her in a hedge pecking around. Am overjoyed. Next bit, am in this huge park place, and me and my family are going to go ride elephants. Some kids ride past on ponys. Go to this huge horse, and my mum tries to jump on it (without a saddle or anything). Falls off, and the horse steps on her (I just stand there watching). She gets up, unharmed, looking embarrassed. Me and maxim (friend) are in this huge house thing, with loads of doors and lights. Really dark except for coloured lights. We go through loads of doors of different sizes, and the last one is really small, with loads of poles to slide between. End up in this room with four beds, Jordan and demetri are there. Decide to play truth or dare. Don’t remember the dares, or truths.

    The evil (i dont know what it looked like) stole part of the sun to gain power, and then rose up into the sky in the shape of the sun. i went on an evil tank engine, on a roller coaster like x no way out in Thorpe park, and my engine rammed all the tank engines from “Thomas the tank engine” off the railway, so they all fell down. Money fell out of the carriages, so I collected it. met josh, took money and ran. Jordan started chasing us, he was an enemy, so I grabbed his shirt and told josh to run with money. Jordan wiggled out his shirt (I was thinking, josh would like that), and he started chasing josh again. Me and josh run into her house and close the door. The money is fake (although in the dream it was real money). Josh’s mum and a stranger are there talking. Two statues are killed for not stopping the train, gargoyles i think. Then a huge lion talks to a giant, after putting a drawbridge down for him. Then I go up to the lion, and the lion falls in love with me. see lots of blackcurrents, and josh tells me the pubes are dead. Tell the lion that I need to go home, but promise him we’ll go on holiday to florida some day. Swim out to a ship (captain hooks ship), but evil mermaids try to stop me. I climb on the ship, but they try to follow me, because they want the sailors all to themselves. Hit them with a long pole on a chain to keep them away, but they climb up the mast with me. I slide down the long pole onto a drum kit, and they all shout to each other “there she is”. I carry on leaping about the ship.

    Monster with millions of arms made out of people, the king and queen get sacrificed, but every time a king or queen gets sacrificed, a new one is made. Max josh and rob all stay the night at my house. We all sleep in mums room, on little camping beds. Max has a wank, gross (I look really embarrassed). They all then go off, I joke to my mum about us all sleeping in her room:

    Mum: chrissie what happened last night
    me: yeh mum, 3 guys came and we all slept in your bed

    Mum gets angry at joke (though its true) Oona drops some cerial when fighting over it with grandma, I blame grandma. Me and Claire (sister) go to a theme park, really dodgy one, like at a fun fair. Dark scary settings. Claire goes on a waterslide (about a mile high, head first down it, paddling pool at the bottom). Claire goes down it, but I get stuck at the top, nearly falling off, crying my heart out. Angry manager comes to push me down the slide, I go down, not so scary.

    A huge black cat and two dogs follow us (dogs not mentioned again within the dream). The black cat tells me to go to Russia. He says Russia is where the sun sets, in the north. We go towards the sunset, through a path which looks like in Richmond park. Cat runs up a tree and kills a bird. I poke it with my foot, and inform everyone (?) that we have to eat it to stay alive. Walk through forest, enormous bicycle goes past. On each wheel loads of people sit on chairs, peddling to make the bike move. Me and (?) start blowing to get the bike people’s attention. We get on (inside) the bike, and everyone starts dressing up. People pull hair clips and necklaces into robs hair. I go out onto the balcony of the bike and (to be polite) ask if we should help peddle, person says no. person tells me that they threw away our jar of stuff (kept our possessions in a jar, didn’t know that till now) on the way, because it was “too normal”. Flashback: throughout the dream, a rotating view of a dark lake, in a clearing in a forest, circles towards a huge dark robot monster, very scary, in dream I cover my eyes to stop seeing it – always silence. Cartoon author (cartoon like dreamworks animation) is selling a new book, with a picture of her grandson on the cover. Grandson turns into a huge pink octopus monster, me and (?) step on its tentacles to stop it getting us. (mirry stuff <3 – tree stump, flashback, not there)

    Me and mum and claire and jonny on a coach going to the beach, mum and I lie on a really steep sand slope sunbathing. We go back on the coach, and past a cathedral, and I tell mum we’ve been there before, so we get off. Mum points out jade goody’s house to me, and tells me that it is her birthday. I go into a long line of rooms, and end up at one with a tank of lobsters (tim says “we’ve been here before, look, its those fishy thing). End up at some festival thing, and some girls try to see my extendable hold puncher, but I hit them and run off. See some children riding horses without saddles, and ask the man if I can too, but he says no.

    Dream that im being chased by mermaids (don’t remember).

    In a really small farm filled with pig styes, riding around on a huge horse. I get off, and see another horse called alice, and help a man to get up on her. She keeps trying to rear, but I don’t let her. Then I let go and she reared over and over, and the guy kept trying to hold on.

    Me flying about on a pokemon, flying into barney’s house (which is actually josh’s house) and sing mcfly to wake him and his family up. Plan to leave and fly off straight away, but cant manage to do it (as always when you actually think about flying your not able to). Barney comes into the room furious, and his mum asks why im here at a quarter to 12 (I looked at the clock). We all sit down for a while, barney furious and me upset. Then I end up at a beach, under a bridge, planning on swimming really far away with someone (josh maybe), and a man asks me where im going, and points at me to his son. I swim back the way I came from, under the water.

    and thats just a taster of all my normal dreams
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    Hello binarylove,

    thank you for sharing your dreams with us ! (and all the truths and dares therein)

    My favorite is when you take the ride in the spaceship and all the puzzles complete on the screen, just by the magical view .... and i enjoyed the field of daffodils.

    Much love

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